Lee Min-ho reveals a unique side of his personality to his fans in Thailand

The actor was visiting Thailand to meet his fans.

Lee Min-ho
Actor Lee Min-ho. instagram.com/leeminho__87

Actor Lee Min-ho had recently traveled to Thailand to meet his fans in the country. What happened at the Thai airport gave fans a glimpse of his true personality.

As reported by website Koreaboo, Lee Min-ho's actions at a Thai airport showed how much he cares for his fans. While he was exiting the airport led by security personnels, his fans created a sort of human barricade that followed The Legend of the Blue Sea actor.

With the frenzy and confusion that followed, one female fan fell on the floor. Lee Min-ho did something which few stars do - he stopped and looked back towards her. Obviously he couldn't be expected to physically go and help her, because there were security concerns. Even though the guards made their best attempts at keeping him moving, he stopped, waiting for the fan to get up.

In the gifs posted on Koreaboo's article, the guards are seen straining to move Lee Min-ho away from the crowd but he didn't budge. With a mask on his face, dark-coloured T-shirt and a black cap on his head, he is seen looking towards the female fan who had tripped over and fallen to the floor. She could have been trampled on by the crowd. Such incidents are not uncommon and have often resulted in deaths. Luckily, this fan wasn't seriously injured and was helped by the security guards.

Once he was certain that his fan was safe, Lee Min-ho continued to the airport exit, towards the car that was waiting for him. It is strange how goodness receives its rewards. Just before Lee Min-ho was about to exit the airport, another fan gifted him a red flower. He had bought the flower for the star and obviously had no idea that another fellow fan would fall down in the airport. It is as if he received the flower as a reward for his show of concern. He waved a final goodbye and left.

Meanwhile, as regards to his girlfriend, singer Suzy Bae said she wasn't certain of her career or marriage in the future. She also expressed her fear of fans and is obviously in a troubled state of mind. It was learned earlier that the couple rarely go out on dates together.

This article was first published on February 15, 2017