Bae Su-ji not sure about marriage with Lee Min Ho, career; shares regrets over childhood

Best friend Kim Ga-yeon asks her not to spend time scrolling through comments on her posts.

Bae Su-ji
Bae Su-ji.

Amid all the never-ending rumours of marriage with Lee Min-ho or split with him, Miss A singer Bae Su-ji recently opened up about what it means to lead a celebrity's life; the hardships they face, which become fodder for journalists and gossip material for readers.

Talking with her best friend, actress Kim Ga-yeon on her show 'Off the Rec.SUZY,' she revealed some of the toughest aspects of her life as an idol, as reported by Koreaboo. Ga-yeon asked Suzy whether she regretted debuting at the age of 17. Suzy said she didn't but at times wondered how her life would have turned out had she chosen a different path.

"There are a few things I get sad about. There's the saying 'skipping over your childhood is the scariest', and I think it's so true. If you say I'm successful for starting so early, then I guess that's true, too. I've received a lot of love and support, but it's not like I can just quit now," Suzy told her best friend. What can be gathered from her words is that her experiences have certainly made her wiser. She knows that one cannot get everything in life and there will be regrets but life has to move on.

Suzy and Kim Ga-yeon had spent the entire day tasting various street foods of Korea, venturing into malls. They then had a good dinner and headed back to Suzy's place for more Sozu and snacks. A little alcohol she took to wash down the food may have relaxed her a bit and allowed her to be a bit more candid than her conscious self would have perhaps allowed.

However, she seemed weary a bit, and anxious about the long road. "There are more things to work on, but I'm scared I'm going to tire out too soon. There are so many things I have to worry about and I have so much to lose. So this job has become so scary for me," Bae Su-ji said, adding "I can't even take a photo with someone without having to worry about whether the public will think I'm showing off or overdoing it. But it's so hard to satisfy everyone. So I just think, it's not really worth doing anything that can be talked about... Because it just drains me."

Well, such thoughts are never healthy. One cannot live their life thinking about reactions from others but it's easier said than done. Very recently, 'Goblin' actress Kim Go-eun was called ugly and verbally abused for uploading a photo of her relaxing without any make-up. Fans have become too judgmental about their celebs. They seem to think that they have the god-given right to determine how a celebrity should behave. This sort of behaviour is nothing but a psychological problem that often stems from a misplaced sense of self-importance and false vanity. Of course, sometimes celebrities behave in a manner that warrants social backlash, as well.

Ga-yeon warned Suzy to stop scrolling through comments on her social media posts. "I think there's no point in reading those if it's hurting you. You need to stop looking at your phone so much, you read it so much I feel like your body feeds off electromagnetic waves," she said. Yes, there's that electronic hazard as well, which can cause serious health hazards. But the immediate effects of electromagnetic radiation are always on the brain; causing depression.

When asked about whether she'll continue her idol life post-marriage, Su-ji's answer was not very optimistic. "Regardless of whether I get married or not, I don't know when I'll be doing this until. There's no certainty in this field, I mean we're not even sure about what's going to happen tomorrow," she replied.

Idol or not, we are all flawed beings; vulnerable. But we do need to reach for the light and not chase negativity. One is not sure why Bae Su-ji is so melancholic about her life. It cannot be just her relationship to Lee Min-ho. There has to be a deeper cause, which might be her lack of a proper childhood. She should definitely enjoy her life more and look forward to each day, rather than worry about the future and grizzly reactions of her fans. Though a little pain and sacrifice makes one wiser and more empathetic, happiness is essential in life.

This article was first published on February 10, 2017