Lee Min Ho to do movie before enlistment, Suzy Bae to be a part of the project?

The "City Hunter" actor shared his feelings on his upcoming military enlistment

Lee Min Ho Facebook live chat
South Korean actor Lee Min-ho attends a news conference after a fan meeting event in Hong Kong Reuters

The fans of the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor, Lee Min-ho is aware that the actor will be enlisted soon and he himself shared some details of the said program.

Soompi shared that Min Ho wants his fans to know a few things about his military enlistment as he said it during the "DMZ, The Wild" documentary press conference. He also revealed some spoilers of the film which took them two years to complete.

The "City Hunter" actor shared his feelings on his upcoming military enlistment. He revealed that he feels sad when he thinks about it and also shared that he wishes to make another movie before his official military enlistment.

"I think everyone feels the same way before enlisting. I feel like I will be separated for a while and I feel sad," Lee Min-ho said.

"As I am waiting for my enlistment date, I do have ambition regarding work and would like to film another project," the actor further added.

According to Korea Portal, Suzy Bae may also be a part of the project that Lee Min Ho was talking about. It will possibly be the best time for the couple to work on a movie or series before he gets himself enlisted as he will be away from the entertainment industry for two years.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is waiting for the official date to start his military service and wishes to hold a fan-meet after the announcement of his enlistment.

There are no updates on Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae's relationship who were rumoured to getting married soon. Possibly, the couple is waiting for the official start date for the military service to comment on their arrangements.

This article was first published on April 1, 2017