Song Hye Kyo reveals her relationship status by posting picture with kids again?

On Wednesday, the actress posted a picture with two babies and soon the picture became viral with 330,000 likes.

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo Instagram

"Descendants of the Sun" actress Song Hye Kyo's relationship status is still unknown, fans believe she is secretly in a relation with her DOTS co-star Song Joong Ki but she denied it by referring him to be a brother. Moreover, Song Joong-ki and Park Bo Gum dating rumours are rife. So, the actress' Instagram posts with kids confuse the fans again and again. Hye Kyo posted a picture with a baby in mid-January and now again after two months she posted another on her Instagram account.

On Wednesday, the actress posted a picture with two babies and soon the picture became viral with 330,000 likes and more than 2000 comments. Fans wondered why the actress is currently obsessed with babies. In fact, Joong Ki too posted a picture with a kid about a month back, leaving the fans even more confused.

Though, the 35-year old actress' post made her fans happy as one of her Instagram follower commented, "I'm not having such a good day today...but seeing your posts and seeing how you are so confident and happy encourages me to strive for the same. I hope you are as happy as you seem."

Of course, these images raise some inevitable questions: Who are these kids? Why is she posting pictures with them again and again? When would she have her own babies? In fact, fans even wish that the actress and Joong-ki should have a baby together. As a fan, firdanitap14 noted that the male kid in the picture looks like that of Song Joong-ki.

Another fan, nitz_silayan too observed the same and others hoped highly that they are the babies of the SongSong couple.

Lled_ewot1415 believed that Song Hye Kyo would have more adorable children. While some fans, like yyy_aaannn206 ended up asking, "What time can see ur babies with joong ki?"

It is hard to say who these kids are and why she posts pictures with them but her love for kids is very evident from the posts.

In other news, the second instalment of the popular drama, "Descendants of the Sun" is reportedly on the way, where the Joong Ki and Hye Kyo will allegedly play a married couple and will have children.

This article was first published on March 24, 2017
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