Lee Hyori becomes emotional about IU

The 'Black' singer thanks IU for spending time with her.

Hyori's Homestay
Lee Hyori (left) and IU in JTBC's 'Hyori's Homestay.' youtube.com/JTBC Entertainment

By now, all viewers of JTBC's popular programme 'Hyori's Homestay' in addition to IU and Lee Hyori's fans know that the two singers have grown quite close to each other; very much like sisters. One particular encounter with an IU fan made Lee Hyori emotional about the 24-year-old singer.

As noted by Soompi, on the September 3 episode of 'Hyori's Homestay,' IU and Lee Hyori went hiking and chanced upon a fan of the former. Curiously, the fan started crying after meeting IU, probably from too much excitement. As the two singers headed back home, IU said, "I've never met a fan that sobbed like that before," adding, "A while ago when I was in elementary school, I was a big fan of g.o.d and went to a live broadcast. That was the first time I met g.o.d and cried."

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Lee Hyori expressed her happiness at IU's popularity and the love the latter receives from her fans. She also reflected on a recent change of outlook she had after IU entered her household. "In the past, no matter where I went, I was the main character. Recently, I saw through our homestay guest that he only had you in his heart because he's a part of the generation that likes you," the 'Black' singer said.

Lee Hyori continued, "Now I'm going to be releasing an album, and I may be behind my juniors [in chart rankings]. But I am naturally practicing that possibility and when that time comes, I may be able to accept it, thanks to you." She then said, "God must have sent you to me to learn all of this. Thank you."

Lee Hyori had revealed recently, that she wrote a song for IU. As noted by Soompi, Hyori composed lyrics for IU which the latter liked. She then fine tuned the song with her husband Lee Sang-soon, who accompanied her singing with his guitar. One of the lines from the song says, "She with her fair face, she is the same as me, but different. I still don't know." Lee Hyori then said that IU should write the second verse of the song.

Lee Hyori and IU no doubt share a special and beautiful friendship with each other. The 38-year-old singer has shared some beautiful memories and stories with IU. She has talked about finding love with her husband lee Sang-soon with the latter and even asked IU to bring her future boyfriend to Jeju island. Here's hoping their friendship would remain strong forever.


This article was first published on September 4, 2017