Singer IU decided to appear on JTBC 's 'Hyori's Homestay' to de-stress herself

IU reveals that she is currently preparing for an album.

IU & Lee Hyori
Singers IU and Lee Hyori bond with Yoga. Entertainment

Singer Lee Ji-eun, better known by her stage name IU, has revealed that the motivation behind her deciding to appear on Lee Hyori's show 'Hyori's Homestay.' The reason is a very simple one: to de-stress herself.

Website Soompi notes that on the June 25 broadcast of the JTBC's reality show, 'Hyori's Homestay,' IU appeared and was interviewed by the staff and asked about the reason behind her deciding to join the show.

IU answered: "I like Lee Hyori so much. I think everyone would want the chance to talk to her."She added "Because I was preparing for a new album, I'm pretty stressed. I need to heal, so I applied." IU's last album 'Palette' was released on April 21, 2017. She also said that she liked the premise of the show.

Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang-soon were seen preparing for the arrival of their first guests. The show will unveil their life on Jeju Island. Interestingly, IU revealed that her grandmother had lived on the island when IU was young and that she used to visit her grandma often. However, she admitted to not knowing much about the island itself.

IU was also asked about what her worries are in life. She revealed she doesn't have a driver's license yet and is neither very confident about cooking. Admitting that she is a shy person, she said, "I can definitely do a lot of work quietly!"

As for 'Hyori's Homestay,' the show has gathered impressive viewership ratings on its very first episode aired on June 25. As noted by Soompi, rating research company ATAM has revealed that the first episode of the reality show hit an average 11.14 percent rating in Seoul with peak ratings of 14.32 percent.

Soompi noted that initially, Lee Hyori was told by the showrunners that a staff member will be joining her and her husband for the program but to her surprise it was revealed to be IU. Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang-soon can be heard repeatedly calling IU by her real name, Lee Ji-eun.

In the episode, IU can be seen doing everything from cooking, going shopping to mopping the floor, all the while, having a laugh about it. She was also seen trying out a bit of Yoga with Lee Hyori, as well as spending some time on the beaches of Jeju Island, during sunset.

Watch the video below.

This article was first published on June 26, 2017