Lee Dong Wook reveals details of private life; talks about how 'Goblin' helped actor love himself more

Lee Dong-wook said that despite acting in a hit show like 'Goblin' his routine was quite ordinary.

Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook. instagram.com/leedongwook_official

Lee Dong-wook, who is currently visiting seven cities in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan as part his fan meet tour, had revealed in his latest interview, details about his personal life. And the details are quite surprising, especially for fans who have all sorts of preconceived notions about the 'Goblin' actor.

Speaking to Arena Homme Korea, as noted by Koreaboo and Kpopherald, actor Lee Dong-wook revealed that despite getting so much attention for his stellar performance in 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God,' his daily routine was quite ordinary. "When I'm not filming, my life is really flat," Lee said. "My manager wakes me up at around 10 a.m. Then we have breakfast, go work out and have a late lunch or early dinner after that. I go out if there's an appointment," he said, as quoted by Kpopherald.

He said that because his real life is so uneventful, he would not like to appear in reality shows like 'I Live Alone.' "There won't be many things to broadcast," he had said. Having already had an experience on a reality tv show before, in SBS's 'Roommate.' He said the Reality TV format didn't suit him much.

In an earlier interview with V Live, Lee Dong-wook had said, "My real hobby is to do nothing, but... watching movies by myself, listening to music... that's it." He also had added that "I play games on my phone, sleep, eat snacks. That's about it these days."

It appears that Dong-wook's life is quite boring, following the filming of 'Goblin.' It seems he doesn't go out much unless there is some appointment regarding film or television offers, but what to do, with frenzied fans at his tail. "Now, wherever I go, I get photographed," he said. "It will calm down soon in a few months. There seems to be a cycle after a hit drama."

In the same interview, Lee Dong-wook had also clarified that he was always the first choice for the Grim reaper role; that the writer never rejected him. He also talked about how he thinks he must enjoy life more and have fun before growing old and how 'Goblin' had taught him to love himself more. Dong-wook said the realisation came as he played the role of the ancient Goryeo king Wang Yeo, who, due to his lack of trust, had killed both his wife and his chief warrior-protector, Kim Shin. Wang Yeo was left alone, dying every day, not loved by anyone; not able to love himself.

Recently in Seoul, there was a surprise 'Goblin' reunion of Lee Dong-wook and his co-star Gong Yoo at the former's 'For My Dear' fan meet in the city. Both actors praised each other and Gong Yoo became teary-eyed reminiscing memories of them working together on the tvN fantasy drama.

This article was first published on March 17, 2017