Lee Dong Wook reveals his superstition and terrible nightmare in V Live broadcast

Lee Dong-wook appeared on a Naver V Live broadcast of 'Lee Dong Wook's On the Air' show.

Lee Dong Wook
Lee Dong-wook on the V Live show 'Lee Dong Wook's On the Air.' facebook.com/OfficialLeeDongWook

Everyone knows that actor Lee Dong-wook is famous for his portrayal of a grim reaper in the supernatural romance drama 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.' What many may not know is that he is also a bit superstitious. The superstition has got something to do with filming his projects.

As noted by website Soompi, on October 12, Lee Dong-wook appeared on a Naver V Live broadcast of 'Lee Dong Wook's On the Air' show. The topic of discussion was jinxes or attracting bad luck. During the V Live broadcast, a radio listener wrote that every time they wore pink slacks, something bad happened.

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Lee Dong-wook read the note out loud, for everyone to hear. He then proceeded to share his own superstitious belief regarding a jinx; which was associated with filming his projects. "If my hair doesn't look right on the first try when I'm [getting ready] to film, then I feel like something will wrong that day. I'll try to be calmer [on days like that]," the 'Goblin' actor said.

Lee Dong-wook also shared a bad dream of his. "I also once had a nightmare the night before the premiere of a new project. [In the dream,] everyone in the world pointed their fingers at me and said, 'Why is your acting so bad.' I had this nightmare for five consecutive weeks," the 'My Girl' actor revealed.

Fans of the 35-year-old actor have been waiting for him to make a comeback to the world of acting. In a recent interview with fashion magazine High Cut, he revealed he had rejected many offers following Goblin because they were similar to it. There is always a danger of being typecast, so he is considering offers cautiously.

Lee dong-wook recently visited a fashion show in Paris, France. Interestingly, he met up with British-American actress Lily Collins there and posed for a photo together. They might even decide to work together in a Hollywood production in the future.

This article was first published on October 13, 2017