Lee Dong Wook going Hollywood? 'Goblin' star meets actress Lily Collins

'Goblin' star Lee Dong-wook was attending a fashion show in Paris.

Lee Dong-wook and Lily Collins
Actors Lee Dong-wook and Lily Collins. instagram.com/leedongwook_official Verified, instagram.com/lilyjcollins

Korean heartthrob Lee Dong-wook, famous for his iconic performance as a grim reaper from Korean folklore in tvN fantasy drama 'Goblin,' might be going to Hollywood in the near future. The fact that he is a very strong actor, capable of portraying diverse emotions while still maintaining that gravitas, has been well established. One needs only ask the legions of female fans he has. What puts fuel to the Hollywood fire is the fact that Dong-wook recently met English-American actress Lily Collins.

As noted by website Allkpop, Lee Dong-wook attended the '2018 S/S Paris Fashion Week - Givenchy Fashion Show' in France on October 1. Prominent Hollywood stars visiting the Paris fashion show were Cate Blanchett, Juliane Moore and Rooney Mara, as also Lily Collins, who he met with later. From the photos available online, Lee Dong-wook looks like a picture-perfect model who knows how to carry himself well. He has /posed for magazines like Vogue and Elle Men in the past.

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Later, Dong-wook and Lily Collins got a chance to meet each other. They also posed for the camera together, both wearing matching black dresses. Lee Dong-wook looked as handsome and classy as he always does, while Lily Collins looked lovely and smiled for the camera with the 'Goblin' actor by her side. She might be aware of the tvN fantasy drama. After all, it was popular overseas as well, not just in Asia.

It may also be that Lee Dong-wook might be acting in a Hollywood production soon, with Lily Collins being his co-star, perhaps. It is not too difficult to imagine such a scenario, seeing as they look perfect with each other. While 'Dong-wook hasn't committed himself to another acting project yet, Lily Collins, who recently appeared in South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho's critically acclaimed Netflix movie 'Okja.' She is also a model.

While it is not known yet, whether Lee Dong-wook will choose a Hollywood acting project, one can definitely hope that it becomes a reality sometime. Fans have been waiting for him to make an acting comeback. In fact, all 'Goblin' actors have kept away from the acting world after the tvN drama wrapped up. Hopefully, we won't be kept waiting for much longer.

This article was first published on October 9, 2017