LeBron James Refuses to Sport Logo Calling for Racial Equality

Despite his support for the cause of justice on race-related issues, LeBron James is not going to wear a message for the same on his NBA jersey.

Basketball icon LeBron James has decided to go against the prevailing trend and not wear a logo on his jersey asking for justice on race-related issues. The reason given by the legendary NBA star is that this campaign doesn't "resonate with my mission."

James isn't a non-believer in campaigning for racial equality. In fact, over the years, he has campaigned on issues that are in focus after Black Lives Matter protests raged across USA. He has even supported players who will be sporting messages on the back of their jerseys.

"I commend anyone that decides to put something on the back of their jersey. It is just something that didn't seriously resonate with my mission, with my goal," the Lakers player said.

LeBron James
LeBron James Wikimedia Commons

NBA's move

LeBron had to take this call as NBA decided to join in the nationwide campaign for racial equality that burst forward after the George Floyd incident. The premier basketball league of the world released a set of messages and mottos drawing attention to problems of racial inequality and injustice and requested the players to sport one of them on the back of their team jerseys.

James regretted that the authorities didn't consult him while deciding which messages and lines the players can choose from. "I would have loved to have a say on what would have (gone) on the back of the jersey. I had a couple of things in mind, but I wasn't part of that process which is okay," King James stated.

Black Lives Matter Logo
Black Lives Matter Logo on the team jersey of a Premier League club YouTube Grab

LeBron also feels that people around the country are well aware of his commitment to the cause of racial equality. According to him, it doesn't require him to wear a slogan or motto to make people know of his views.

"I don't need to have something on the back of the jersey for people to understand my mission and what I'm about and what I am here to do," he said.

Dissenting players

Out of the 285 players active in the league, only 17, including James, have decided to buck the trend and not wear any of the messages shortlisted by the NBA. These messages include, apart from the usual 'Black Lives Matter', 'I can't breathe' – George Floyd's last words spoken in anguish as he was put in a chokehold by a policeman – and 'Power to the People'.

The wide variety of options given to players was probably meant to ensure that even those who may have a slightly divergent view of the present agitation join in. However, LeBron skipping this gesture is a slight setback.