'Leave Her Alone' - Netizens React to Dispatch Report About Park Min Young and Her Ex-boyfriend

Actress Park Min Young, who won the hearts of several K-drama fans worldwide through the portrayal of an ordinary woman named Kang Ji Won in the tvN revenge drama Marry My Husband, recently made headlines after Dispatch released a report about the relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun. The news article captured the attention of several Netizens, who shared their opinion about the actress on various online media platforms, including Twitter.

Several fans of Marry My Husband star Park Min Young supported her after Dispatch released a report of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun. According to the report, the actress lied about receiving money from her former lover. The K-media report released an exclusive report stating that the actress received money from her ex-lover.

The report stated that Kang Jong Hyun's company sent money to Park Min Young's bank account. Her former lover took the money from his affiliate company, disguised it as a loan, and sent it to the actress' account as a living expense. The article was contrary to the actress' statement that she did not receive any monetary support from her lover.

The latest report captured the attention of several Netizens. Several fans of Park Min Young supported her after Dispatch released the article about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.

Park Min Young
Actress Park Min Young in tvN drama Marry My Husband. Twitter/tvN

Fans' Reactions

Leave her alone.

The screenshot is not a bank statement. It is more like an audit explanation. Even if it is a time transaction and not repeated, it can be something like, him using her. people are so gullible with people they trust.. is a common tactic.

I wish this would stop!! Let her just move on we have all had BF we wished we could forget.

Leave her alone. It is her private life. Her problem, not ours.

What does she have to do with the embezzlement? Nothing. So leave her alone. You are not gonna kill another actor this time.

I hope they can also protect the actress. This is a private life, which has not been confirmed. How can the media obtain personal legal documents? These people should come forward at this time, not wait for someone to die.

The media is largely responsible for the mass hysteria about the lives of celebrities in South Korea. Do they have nothing better to report on other than this woman's bank account?

The media already killed a lot of artists. Stop !! Leave them alone! Fans too are not learning from the past. Leave them alone. Stop! Mind your own self. No one is perfect in this world.

What South Korea should do most is to abolish Dispatch. They should first question why the media can get the private documents of the procuratorate. It is bad. Everyone can see it.