At Least Two People Injured in Knife Attack Outside Charlie Hebdo's Former Office in Paris

It is not yet clear whether the attacker's motivations were related to Charlie Hebdo's publishing of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad.

Paris witnessed a knife attack on Friday which has left at least two people wounded with one suffering serious injuries. One suspect has been detained by the police. The location of the attack was Rue Nicolas Appert, the site where a memorial has been erected for the victims of the 2015 terrorist attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The spot lies in front of where the magazine's office was formerly located. As of now, there is no clarity as to the motivations of the attacker and whether his actions were linked to the magazine's publishing of cartoons featuring Islam's Prophet Mohammad. There is also no certainty as to the number of attacker(s) and victims.

Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists in 2015 Twitter

Conflicting information

Initially, the reports indicated that two men were involved in the assault and four people were injured. However, later, it was stated than only one man was involved and two people were left injured. The person who sustained more serious wounds is undergoing treatment and is likely to survive.

The arrested man was held by police while he was on the steps of Paris Bastille opera house. The identity of the attacker is yet to be established. Police also recovered a package left nearby but it was devoid of any explosive material.

There are also doubts regarding the nature of weapon used for the assault. Contradictory reports are coming from the local media. Some say that the weapon used was a machete while others claimed it was a meat cleaver.

Stabbing (Representational image)
Two persons are confirmed to be injured


Prime Minister of France Jean Castex said, "The stabbing attack was carried out in the 11th arrondissement in front of the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, leaving four injured, two of whom are in serious condition." The number of people injured has been revised later to two but there is a possibility that more victims will be identified.

In 2015, terrorists attacked the office of Charlie Hebdo to take 'revenge' for publishing cartoons featuring Prophet Mohammad. In that attack, 12 people were killed by two extremists belonging to a branch of terrorist outfit Al Qaeda. It was after this incident that the office of the satirical magazine was shifted. Currently, the trial of 14 people, accused of being involved in the 2015 attacks is taking place in the city.