Leaked DJI Mavic Air photos show smaller drone body: Check specifications here

DJI Mavic Air
Leaked Mavic Air drone DroneDJ

Chinese drone company DJI is set to unveil the Mavic Air on Wednesday but leaked photos just did the job for them a day before the official launch in New York City. The leak also comes with details of the next-generation quadcopter's specifications.

DJI's Mavic Air will come with an integrated 32-megapixel camera mounted on a three-way gimbal as revealed by DroneDJ. Added capabilities include the panorama mode and 4K video capture at 60 frames per second.

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The consumer drone will also feature gesture control, foldable arms, obstacle-avoiding sensors and a 21-minute flight time. Judging by the photos, the Mavic Air is way smaller than its predecessor and it looks much like the mid-range Spark drone.

The 21-minute flight time is a downgrade from the Mavic Pro Platinum which can sustain in the air up to 30 minutes. Considering the premium rotors of the Platinum, it's a breakeven for the Mavic Air, to say the least.

The Mavic Air is reportedly arriving in four different colours, all in the matte finish: white, red and black. Other colour options are also expected. Overall, Mavic Air seems to be a hybrid of the Mavic Pro with its high-end capabilities and the Spark with its compactness and mobility.

DJI Mavic Air
Leaked Mavic Air drone DroneDJ

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DJI did not confirm any of the leaked photos. If these specifications are to be believed, users still have a couple of things to find out which all will be revealed at the launch, including the speed, range, price and more.

The Mavic Air price is expected to play around US$699.

This article was first published on January 23, 2018