Lauren Boebert Gets Dragged on Twitter After Crediting John Adams for Samuel Adams Quote

Lauren Boebert misattributed a quote by founding father and contemporary beer icon Samuel Adams to John Adams, the second president of the United States.

U.S. rep Lauren Boebert has been in the news over the last couple of weeks over her Twitter activity. Whether it's a tweet praising the Taliban, a pronoun discussion or a conversation with Siri, Twitter users seldom waste any time in roasting the Republican lawmaker.

Netizens are once again having a field day dragging Boebert on the micro-blogging platform after she attributed a quote by Samuel Adams to John Adams.

Boebert posted a photo of herself with a quote by founding father and contemporary beer icon Samuel Adams while misattributing it to John Adams, the second president of the United States.

Lauren Boebert
The now-deleted tweet posted by Lauren Boebert. Twitter

The image, which included the quote, "For true patriots to be silenced, is dangerous," was posted to her Twitter account on Friday along with the caption, ""Always let your voice be heard, patriots." The post was deleted not long after, presumably after someone pointed out to her that she had credited the wrong Adams.

Twitter Reactions

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Who is Samuel Adams?

According to fact-checking website Snopes, Samuel Adams made the quote during a speech in 1776 while expressing pleasure over the repeal of the Stamp Act. The speech is included in a collection of Samuel Adams' writings that was published in 1904, and History of Massachusetts from 1835.

Samuel Adams was a revolutionary who not only served as the governor of Massachusetts but was also one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was a highly respected political figure at the time, even if his image has today mostly been reduced to a mediocre beer brand, which he inherited from his father.

Boebert's gaffe is the latest addition to a long list of blunders on Boebert's record. The far-right Republican was roasted on Twitter last month for a tweet praising the Taliban after they seized control of Afghanistan in a dig at President Joe Biden. "The Taliban are the only people building back better," she tweeted.

Not long before that she was mocked with memes after sarcastically asking Siri to define a hypocrite in a jab at the attending physician of the House of Representatives who temporarily pulled his mask down to his chin. In May, Boebert tweeted saying that her pronoun was "Patriot" in an attempt to shade trans rights.