Apple recently rolled out a new update for the iPhones, which includes some useful improvements for Siri, the digital voice assistant of iPhones. The new WhatsApp update version 2.17.2 allows Siri to read unread messages, on the app, out loud.

The latest version of WhatsApp highlights four key features of WhatsApp – you can ask Siri to read out your latest messages; visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact info, and Group info screens; ability to select multiple statuses at once in the My Updates screen which you can forward and delete; and support for Persian language.

WhatsApp had previously enabled the feature of composing and sending messages through its app via Siri. Now the new update adds one more task that Siri will now be able to perform. Siri can now read out the latest messages to the users, hands-free, which might be useful in certain cases, such as while driving or cooking etc.

However, this will only work if the user has any unread messages. For example the user may ask Siri to read the last message on WhatsApp and the voice assistant will read the last unread message and then prompt the user to compose and send a reply. But once Siri reads a message, it won't be able to read the same message for the second time.

The 89 MB sized WhatsApp update is now available in Apple's App Store but it will only work for the iPhones that are running iOS 10.3+.