It has been quite a roller coaster for URLResolver recently as the latest update being pushed by the Cerebro Repo was not authorized. It was pulled out of the library but the changes had already been revealed.

The URLResolver Kodi add-on runs in the background to improve all users' Kodi experience on almost every add-on. With v4.0.12a, as what the Cerebro Repo has shown, URLResolver offers a couple of new resolvers while removing some old ones.

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The official update is expected to arrive soon. It is recommended to remove the version of the plugin if the new update is pushed. Originally, URLResolver was developed by TVAddons. The Looking Glass Repo has the official copy, but TVAddons creators decided to take over the dependency again.

This means TVAddons reserves the right to push any over-the-air updates in the future. The Looking Glass Repo will push out the same version of the update as confirmed by maintainers of the repository.

To get the latest updates of the add-on, one has to install the latest version of the repository. It should be noted that Real-Hybrid account should be re-authorised to update to the latest version of the Looking Glass Repo.

URLResolver changes are as follows:

  • Every resolver has been reviewed and fixed, as needed
  • Every defunct resolver has been removed
  • new resolvers have been added
  • Simply-Debrid is now supported
  • Google's ReCaptcha Version 2 is now supported ("I'm not a robot" checkboxes)
  • New method of simplifying ReCaptcha has been added
  • FilePup's resolver has been updated to a hoster supported method (meaning less frequent breakage)
  • Simplification across the board to make adding resolvers easier

To view URLResolver settings, go to SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure.