Latest macOS 10.13 High Sierra tweaks and major improvements

Apple's macOS 10.13 High Sierra public beta 5 offers exciting tweaks for Safari, Photos and Apple File System.

Apple has begun seeding macOS 10.13 public beta 4, bringing a host of new tweaks and improvements. Eligible users at the forefront of the new update are those registered in Apple Software Beta Program.

This year, Apple makes a huge leap to macOS 10.13 High Sierra from the previous version. The new update is significant as it offers major improvements and stunning new features that Mac owners can take delight in.

With High Sierra, Apple zeroes in on some useful tweaks in the Safari web browser, Apple File System and the native Mail app. On top of those, Apple goes an extra mile by introducing a machine learning tool in Safari and an advanced editing feature built around the Photos app.


Apple has finally developed a feature called Autoplay Blocking to prevent media with audio from automatically playing in Safari. Mac's stock web browser is also introducing Reader, a tool that opens articles in a streamlined and organised interface.

Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention takes advantage of machine learning to detect tracking data of advertisers and remove them to avoid the prying eyes of business entities.

Apple File System

Apple File System (APFS) delivers an impressive innovation with regards to performance, security and reliability. The APFS particularly makes advanced optimisations in copying files and directories more promptly, strengthened data protection in the event of power outages and system crashes and native encryption to keep files secure.


The macOS High Sierra also brings in some notable changes to Photos. The new always-on sidebar displays albums and organisation tools. The Edit view is redesigned with new tools such as Curves and Selective Colour.

Live Photos can now be edited, while Memories can curate photos and videos according to themes. The Photos app also supports external photo editing software like Photoshop and third-party project extensions of printing and publishing services like Shutterfly.

The latest macOS 10.13 beta also offers, among others, support for High-Efficiency Video Coding and an update to Apple's graphics technology for machine learning and virtual reality content creation, Metal. Meanwhile, macOS 10.13 High Sierra release date remains unknown as of now.