Late Goo Hara's Diary Entries Revealed; Mother Speaks Out, Still Seeking Inheritance

Goo Hara's diary entries reveal how much she missed her estranged mother.

Kpop star late Goo Hara is in news again as her diary entries were revealed by the JTBC channel. Her mother, who had abandoned her when she was just four, has spoken to the media for the first time about her claiming the estranged daughter's inheritance.

Koreaboo published the diary entries of Goo Hara, who died by suicide in November 2019. The Kpop star's diary entries were shown to the public on JTBC's Spotlight show. Hara's mother also had taken part in the show. Looking at her diary entries, it is clear that Goo Hara was hurt a lot as she used the term repeatedly in her diary.

Goo Hara
Goo Hara committed suicide in November 2019 in her house in Seoul. Twitter

Hara's Disturbing Diary Entries

"I have to protect myself first and know myself very well. No, I know very well that I'm more sensitive than others, and I know myself so well to the point that it's scary," Hara had written.

Hara had also mentioned her mother in the diary. It is said that after abandoning her, she had never visited her again in over 20 years. "I miss mom. I miss and want to feel mom. I always swallowed the pain, kept it inside and didn't let it out. I'm more desperate than anyone and I want to feel her," she had written.

"I have been hurt a lot. But, no.. I can't get hurt," she had written on various occasions. In one of her entries she even gave a hint that she liked someone and wanted to have a happy future. But her later entries show her seeking forgiveness from God and asking God to look out for her. It looked like in the last days of her life she turned towards spirituality to find solace, but sadly failed and took her own life.

Reports claimed that Hara's mother suddenly appeared at her funeral and sought the rights of a mother including the inheritance money. According to rules, half the inheritance goes to parents when a child dies. But Goo Hara's brother is against the idea as he told that Hara had suffered a lot because their mother had abandoned them when they were really young and father had to struggle to bring them up. Both the children grew up with grandparents when their father was away working as he had to look after the family.

Currently, Hara's brother Goo In Ho has filed a lawsuit against their mother. The mother has come in front of the media for the first time. Here is what she has to say.

Goo Hara's Mother Refutes Cheating Allegations

Goo Hara's mother is accused of creating a scene during Hara's funeral and recording it to be used to create sympathy towards her. "I wasn't trying to record, I was calling Ho In and asking to be given the family's chief mourners' clothes. Since I kept asking and they weren't giving it to me, Ho In and my ex-husband began causing a disturbance. It wasn't that I was trying to film, I just pressed 'record' in the moment," reported Soompi.

She also spoke about allegations that she had not visited the children even once. Her justification for the same was that she did not have any money and had to look after herself. She did not meet them as she could not do anything for them, the mother said.

Hara's mother is also accused of abandoning them after she was involved with another man. Speaking about the same, she tried to refute the claims and said that she left the house after Hara's father threatened to kill her with a knife and said she did not have an affair. But one of the diary entries of Hara mentions that their mother had an affair and left them because of that.

Lastly, Hara's mother was asked about appointing lawyers to deal with the inheritance issue even before Hara's funeral was performed. "I told the lawyer to take care of it. My daughter had died, what kind of inheritance or money could have been important? I don't even know now how it worked out. I don't know anything. I don't even know what the amount of money is. Don't keep asking questions. This is hard," she said giving reasons for appointing lawyers.

However, the fact is that her lawyers are still working on fighting for Hara's inheritance. If Goo Ho In wants to set up a foundation to help trainees and single mothers, she will also utilize the money for the same cause, but is not ready to give up on the inheritance right.