Lana Del Rey is reportedly the victim of a cruel Christmas-time robbery

The thieves took off with what Del Rey described as "family mementos," including some of her sister's artwork

"Young and Beautiful" singer Lana Del Rey is certainly not feeling the Christmas cheer this year after thieves took what she described as "family mementos." Del Rey has since taken to social media to plead for the safe return of the items, some of which included artwork made by her sister. The singer even offered a reward for anyone who either has the items or can help facilitate their return.

Lana Del Rey
Instagram grab/Lana Del Rey

"This week, family mementos including my sisters entire retrospective were taken," Del Rey wrote in a tweet on Thursday. She did not elaborate as to whether the theft happened on Christmas or Boxing Day.

"I'd love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to us for a no questions asked reward," she added. "The work we lost can't be reproduced and nowhere but where it was. Thanks."

Items stolen included artwork made by Del Rey's sister

As Del Rey mentioned in her tweet, many of the items stolen included artwork made by Del Rey's sister, Chuck Grant. Grant is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles and New York. She has been featured in places such as Fader, Vice Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Though Del Rey did not elaborate on what exactly was stolen other than calling it her "retrospective," many of Grant's photographs include famous subjects, such as pop stars, including her famous sister.

Other notable projects include Grant's senior thesis at Parsons School of Design, called "Alpha Females." The work won the attention of Jody Quon, the photography director of New York magazine (via The New York Times).

She was also working on her own photography book, based on the Greek myth of Persephone. Grant told The New York Times that she wanted to portray the story in modern-day terms.

"I've become more ingrained in the L.A. lifestyle, and have been documenting and exploring its gravitational moon energy, glamour and the darkness that consumes this city," she said. "I plan to express that in this book."

Robberies tend to increase over the holidays

Though many would think that the holidays are a time of giving, the reality is that robberies peak during the festive months. According to CNN Business, December has an 18% higher robbery rate than the rest of the year in the state of California, and the trend is nationwide in the United States.

Law enforcement officials claim that the reason for the uptick is that houses are both left unattended as people visit their families and friends, but also that they are often filled with presents and other loot.

Though the theft is no doubt heart-breaking for Lana Del Rey and her family, hopefully the crooner's new boyfriend can offer some solace.