LabCorp Launches New Neutralizing Antibody Test for Coronavirus

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world infecting more than 9.4 million people globally

LabCorp mentioned on Thursday that it has launched a new test that will be able to assess the capacity of antibodies in patient plasma for inhibiting the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

The information from the test about the virus-fighting ability of the antibodies can be useful in developing the vaccine for the deadly novel virus that is creating a major stir around the world, the company said.

LabCorp Launches New Test

Coronavirus Vaccine
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The test, called the neutralizing antibody test, would be available to biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals, blood banks and other blood plasma-screening facilities. Neutralizing antibodies are associated with protective immunity against re-infection for many infectious pathogens, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The test could be used in screening serum collected from recovered COVID-19 patients for preventive and therapeutic use, the company said. The company made its COVID-19 tests available at workplaces last month and it also provides lab tests and antibody blood tests that can tell whether a person has ever been infected, as well as kits that allow people to mail in their own nasal swab samples collected at home.

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