LA Store Gets Review-Bombed After Viral Video Shows Asian Cashier Going Through Black Model's Pockets for Stolen Goods

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A video of an Asian cashier at an LA store checking a Black model's pockets while shopping is being widely circulated on social media.

Model Megan Milan was shopping at a beauty store in Los Angeles' Santee Alley called Remy's when the cashier reached into the pockets of her jacket to check for stolen items.

Milan captured the incident as well as the confrontation that followed on Instagram.

'Only Black Person in the Store and You Decided to Check My Pockets'

Asian cashier racially profiles Black customer
Stills from the video that Milan shared on Instagram Instagram

The video starts off with the cashier going through Milan's pockets.

"You guys, I've been in this store looking and this lady just came and checked my pockets," Milan is heard saying in the video. Failing to find anything in the pockets, the cashier walks away as she looks into her tablet.

Milan noted that she was the only Black shopper in the store and she did not go up to any other person inside the establishment.

'I'm Asian Too'

"I was going to spend money with her but she decided to racially profile me," Milan says from behind the camera as she films the store's name before confronting the cashier.

"Only Black person in the store and you decided to check my pockets," she says to the cashier. "I'm the only Black person. And you dug your hands in my pockets."

"I'm Asian too," the cashier responds. "I'm sorry. I don't care. I really don't care." It is not yet known whether she is just an employee or the owner of the store. Watch the video below:

Store Gets Review-Bombed After Video Goes Viral

The video instantly went viral with the beauty store receiving a barrage of negative reviews on Google and Yelp, bringing its rating down to 1-star.

"The owner said 'I'm Asian too' after discriminating against the only Black woman in the store, as if that's any excuse or justification. Don't spend your hard earned money here. Disgusting behavior and I hope she realizes that what she did was wrong and illegal," wrote one user.

"The owner of the store is RACIST. An Asian woman who illegally searched a customer's pockets and personal belongings with absolutely no probable cause other than she was black and the only black individual in the store. Complete violation and zero remorse afterwards claiming that she's a minority as well," commented another.

Yelp has temporarily disabled users from leaving reviews on Hi Fashions' page while they "investigate the content." The page currently has a Public Attention Alert.