Kylie Strickland: Georgia TikTok Influencer Arrested for Flashing Boobs at Two Young Boys at Swimming Pool and Live Streaming It [WATCH]

The TikTok star allegedly grabbed hold of the underside of her bikini top and flashed the boys while sporting a skimpy pink bikini and a top knot.

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A TikTok influencer from LaGrange, Georgia, was arrested this week for exposing her breasts to two young boys and then live streaming it, according to police. Kylie Strickland, 30, was arrested by the Troup County Sheriff's Office on Thursday based on warrants issued by the Pike County Sheriff's Office following the receipt of "numerous complaints."

Strickland, who has over 263,000 followers on TikTok recently recorded herself in a swimsuit with another adult woman and two underage boys when she suddenly exposed her breasts in front of the two boys. She has been charged with computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation, according to a press release from the Pike County Sheriff's Office.

Bare-Breasted Offence

According to the Sheriff's Office, Strickland, who has since made all her social media accounts private, exposed her breasts in a "provocative way" to two young boys while swimming at a Pike County property.

The TikTok star allegedly grabbed hold of the underside of her bikini top and flashed the boys while sporting a skimpy pink bikini and a top knot. Police said that she was wearing a skimpy bikini along with another woman in the video. The two underage boys were also with them.

Kylie Strickland
Kylie Strickland Twitter

Strickland was then recording the video when she quite unexpectedly lifted her swim top and flashed her boobs at the boys.

Following that, police received numerous complaints and she was arrested. Strickland has now been charged with electronic pornography and child exploitation, which is a felony in the state.

"Strickland was reported to have been at a residence in Pike County when she purposefully exposed her breasts in a provocative manner to two minor children while streaming live on social media," the Pike's County Sheriff's Office wrote in a report.

"Investigators were able to work in conjunction with Troup County Sheriff's Office personnel after this case had originally been reported to that agency."

Defending Herself

Strickland, however, believes she has done no crime. In fact, she has been trying to defend herself. After the reported encounter, she attempted to disprove it by streaming a TikTok Live, which has since been replayed on the app.

Kylie Strickland
Kylie Strickland Twitter

The video reportedly shows Strickland explaining the situation, where she said: "Those little boys have seen more boobs than I've probably seen in my entire life."

In fact, in a second video she claimed that she is not responsible for anything and tried to push off the blame by saying: "It's not my responsibility to parent someone else's child. Those kids go to mud rides."

Kylie Strickland TikTok
Kylie Strickland in the TikTok video flashing her boobs Twitter

She also said that before she arrived at the pool party in Pike County, the males were "taking shots of tequila."

Another video that was captured from what appears to have been yet another livestream the influencer did and that was doing the rounds on social media allegedly showed text communications between Strickland and one of the parents.

Kylie Strickland
Kylie Strickland Twitter

"What's up? [redacted] just called me and [redacted] they was [to] make sure we wasn't made about you showing them [sic] boys your tits. I told them heck no, I ain't. I'm proud proud of them, so you cool with me," the parent allegedly messaged Strickland.

Strickland replied: "I figured you didn't care, but just wanted to make sure. Probably shouldn't have done it. [Redacted] so that's my fault, but I just wanted to make sure y'all wasn't upset about it."

Kylie Strickland
Kylie Strickland Twitter

The father allegedly replied: "Nah, you good, someone done got mad [sic] they had to pay to see them and the boys didn't."

Strickland attracted media attention last year as a result of having experienced domestic abuse. On April 11, 2021, she claimed that her boyfriend Cody Weems had assaulted her. The LaGrange Daily News at the time reported that she said he had entered her Georgia house through the bathroom window and started slapping her.