Kyle Walker Caught on Camera Flashing in Bar, Fondling Breasts of Blonde Woman and Kissing Her During Afternoon Drinking Session [WATCH]

The shocking video appears to show Walker grinding behind the unnamed woman, who was not his wife Annie Kilner, 30.

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England footballer Kyle Walker was caught on camera flashing inside a bar, fondling a blonde woman's breasts who was not his wife and kissing her in a shameful manner, according to reports. The Man City ace, 32, was allegedly drunk and also dirty-danced with the woman and a female friend, the report claims.

The incident allegedly happened at a Manchester bar on Sunday evening. The horrific behavior allegedly continued for more than 90 minutes. It is likely that Walker will now face a police probe for indecent behavior for opening his trousers and flashing at a public place and fondling the breasts of a woman in public.

Shocking Behavior

The shocking video appears to show Walker grinding behind the unnamed woman, who was not his wife Annie Kilner, 30. The incident started around 5:30 pm on Sunday when Walker and his male companions made their way to the pub. The Manchester United star was reportedly already drunk at that time.

The horrible behavior apparently left others out for a night on the town shocked and lasted for about 90 minutes till 7 o'clock.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker seen fondling the boobs of the a blond woman not his wife before flashing inside the bar Twitter

Footage seen by The Sun shows the inebriated drunk stripping off his tracksuit pants in front of several drinkers. Walker chuckled with a friend as one of the two women in his group yelled back and pointed.

After only a few minutes, the singer reportedly exposed himself once more, this time barely a few feet away from two other women who were seated in a bar booth.

He then allegedly moved closer to greet them and shook their hands.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker with his wife Annie Kilner Twitter

Another video from the evening appears to show Walker kissing and 'pawing' at one of his female friends. None of the videos that the Sun was able to view featured his wife.

His distasteful behavior is likely to prompt a police investigation into the incident.

No In His Senses

The footballer spent roughly an hour and a half drinking and dancing with his friends before boarding the minibus shortly before 7 o'clock in the evening. However, Walker was then asked to return to the pub to settle the £250 bill.

A bartender allegedly waited for him with a card reader while the footballer carelessly handled his wallet when he came back.

It is believed that Walker was not in his senses when he decided to flash at the women inside the pub before fondling the breast of a blonde woman and kissing her in the most vulgar way.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker Twitter

Walker's disgraceful antics came 24 hours after he helped his side beat Newcastle United 2-0. After the match, manager Pep Guardiola said: "Two days off at home. I don't want to see them, they don't want to see me."

Walker might be questioned for indecent exposure, which if convicted carries a possible two-year jail sentence, despite his claims that his flashing was a joke.

Teresa Parker, of Women's Aid, said last night: "Whether done to shock, for a so-called laugh, or to intimidate, for those affected by indecent exposure there can be long-term effects, upset and trauma.

"It can give the person exposing themselves a sense of power in the situation.

"And if there are no repercussions, it possibly gives them the confidence to see what they can get away with next time."

He was saved by a friend who came back from the minibus and raised his arms to look in his pockets for a payment method.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker Twitter

"The video footage is really disturbing. The woman Walker is with is not his wife but he reaches round and paws at her breasts," a source told The Sun.

"You wonder if it can get worse then he pulls out his p**** in full view of the bar and the women he is with. It's deeply concerning."

Walker was previously dumped by ex-glamour model Annie following an alleged run of romps with reality TV actress Laura Brown, 31 - but they got back together in 2019.

However, he was dumped once again in 2020 after model Lauryn Goodman claimed to be carrying his child. Walker moved into an apartment after he was caught violating the Covid lockdown regulations in 2020 by hosting a four-hour sex party with two escorts,

However, Annie forgave him once he proposed to her with a £250,000 ring in June of that same year.