Kremlin Insiders Say Ukraine Invasion a Terrible Mistake, Fear Putin Could Use Nuclear Weapons Anytime

A number of Kremlin insiders now feel that the Ukraine invasion was a terrible mistake and believe that President Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons anytime as Russia's position is worsening in the war.

The insiders have also revealed that Putin is dismissing criticism by officials who have warned of the massive economic impact of the war on Russia.

Vladimir Putin

Officials have told the strongman that the war could put the Russian economy and military strength at a poor level due to troop losses and Western sanctions.

But Putin will continue with his invasion that could doom or isolate Russia for years, ten unnamed sources with the knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg.

However, they have also maintained that despite failures in Ukraine invasion plans, there is no threat to Putin's leadership.

Putin Could Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons

They are also fearing that due to continued failures in the Ukraine invasion plans, Putin could also opt to use nuclear weapons.

Some of them have also endorsed speculations of US intelligence officials that Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons if soon his historic invasion does not go as planned.

Some said they increasingly share the fear voiced by US intelligence officials that Putin could turn to limited use of nuclear weapons if faced with failure in a campaign he views as his historic mission.

Kremlin insiders are fearful of speaking out but told that Putin was warned by officials over economic pressure on Russia's financial system but the Russian President is continuing with his plans.

Russian Elite Support Putin

Last month, a Kremlin insider revealed that Moscow never calculated such stern sanctions imposed by the West. Russia never considered it could be banned from using the SWIFT payment system.

So far, despite failure in invasion plans and massive troops loss in Ukraine, support for Putin's war is strong among Russian elites. Some insiders have also maintained a narrative in public that the conflict with the West became unavoidable and they have also assured people that the Russian economy could survive sanctions imposed by the West.