Who is Vladimir Solovyov? Putin Propagandist Fumes at Russian Navy Over Sinking of Moskva Warship

Russian State TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, who is believed to be President Vladimir Putin's propagandist, has expressed anger at the country's navy over the sinking of the Moskva warship in the Black Sea.

Solovyov's fury was on show as he was articulating the Kremlin leader's own anger as he lashed out at the Navy in his nationwide broadcast.

Vladimir Solovyov Twitter

'I am furious about what happened to the Black Sea Fleet's flagship, Moskva. 'I am simply furious,' said the state TV anchor.

Solovyov, who has been sanctioned by many Western powers, also admitted that the ship was old and went through multiple repairs as this kind of ship has vulnerabilities.

'Why The Hell You Were in That Area of The Black Sea?'

"But tell me this: how did you manage to lose it explain to me, why the hell you were in that particular area of the Black Sea, at that time," he asked.

The sinking of the Soviet-era warship is being seen as the biggest damage to Russia so far in the Ukraine war and it's also a humiliation for Putin's war efforts as Ukraine is inflicting major damage to Moscow.

What Did Happen To Moskva's Missile Defence System?

Solovyov also questioned the warship's missile defense system as that should have potentially protected Moskva from Ukraine's two Neptune missiles. "Since when was a combat ship scared of a missile strike," he asked, according to the Daily Mail.

He further went on to say that even if two missiles hit the warship and ignited the ammunition the crew should have used Moskva's firefighting system. "What happened to your fire fighting system?"

Solovyov Received Green Light to Lash at Navy

With Solovyov's harsh reactions, it emerged that he was given a license to lash out at the navy. He potentially suggested that Putin is seeking to find a culprit for the catastrophic loss of the cruiser.

Reports have also suggested that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet Vice-Admiral Igor Osipov could have been detained or suspended from the services over the sinking of the ship.

The West has imposed sanctions against Solovyov over his links to Putin and recently protesters targetted his two Italian villas.

Protesters filled his open-air pool at one of his Lake Como retreats with red to resemble blood and some made graffiti at the entrance reading Solovyov killer.