#KpopTwitter 2020: TREASURE Fast-Rising Star, BTS Most-Mentioned, Indonesia Biggest Market

The market for the K-pop industry has been globally growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Even during the Covid-19-hit 2020, it has remained a worldwide cultural phenomenon and the latest lists released by Twitter tells about its increasing popularity.

Top 10 fastest-rising K-pop artists in the world
Top 10 fastest-rising K-pop artists in the world Twitter

How K-pop Industry Set Twitter on Fire

Twitter has released a couple of lists pertaining to the most-trending K-pop topics on its platform from 1 January to 31 December. "Even in a year where the sounds of K-pop were not able to fill the arenas and venues that they typically do, the Social Media Icon#KpopTwitter community set a new worldwide record and K-pop artists continued to energize their global fanbase on Twitter.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Twitter provided the most thrilling social soundtrack for K-Pop fans, and enabled them to share their love for their favorite K-pop artists with their friends, as well as make new ones all over the world," Taiwan News quotes YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-Pop Partnerships at Twitter, as saying.

Stars use Twitter's #BlueRoom

The lockdown due to Covid-19 gave an opportunity for the artists to interact more with their fans online and many used Twitter's #BlueRoom to connect with the netizens. Towards the end of the year, Twitter teamed up with MAMA (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS) to bring K-stars closer to their fans.

Icon#2020MAMA and Social Media Icon#MAMA2020 hashtags topped real-time trends worldwide on Twitter in 68 markets and a total of 126 million tweets were generated to this event between 29 October and 6 December.

As stars and fans used this platform more and more, a total of 6.7 billion K-pop related Tweets were generated in 2020 which clearly tells the growing popularity of the South Korean music industry among the netizens.

Top 20 Markets Tweeting about K-pop in 2020

Indonesia is at the numero uno position followed by Thailand and South Korea. Check out the top 20 list:

2) Thailand
3) South Korea
4) the Philippines
5) the USA
6) Brazil
7) Malaysia
8) Japan
9) Mexico
10) India
11) Argentina
12) Peru
13) Vietnam
14) the UK
15) France
16) Chile
17) Singapore
18) Canada
19) Turkey
20) Spain

The top 20 markets tweeting about K-pop ranked by unique voices in 2020:

Top 20 Markets by Tweet Volume
Top 20 Markets by Tweet Volume for K-pop industry. Twitter

1) Japan
2) the United States
3) Indonesia
4) South Korea
5) the Philippines
6) Brazil
7) Thailand
8) Malaysia
9) Mexico
10) India
11) the United Kingdom
12) Turkey
13) Argentina
14) France
15) Spain
16) Canada
17) Saudi Arabia
18) Vietnam
19) Russia
20) Chile

The top 10 most-mentioned K-pop artists on Twitter in 2020:

1) BTS
2) NCT
3) EXO
5) GOT7
8) TXT

Top 10 Most Mentioned K-pop Songs in the World
Top 10 Most Mentioned K-pop Songs in the World on Twitter. Twitter

The top 10 most-mentioned K-pop songs on Twitter in 2020

1) BTS' "Dynamite"
2) BTS' "ON"
3) BTS' "Black Swan"
4) BTS' "Life Goes On"
5) GOT7's "Breath"
7) BLACKPINK's "How You Like That"
9) BTS' "Boy With Luv"
10) BTS' "Shadow"