Kouri Richins: Utah Woman Accused of Killing Husband was Allegedly Having an Affair, Changed Beneficiary of His Life Insurance Policy to Herself

Kouri Richins and Eric Richins
The Richins family. Facebook

The spokesperson for the family of Eric Richins, a Utah man allegedly killed by his wife last year, said the victim had reason to suspect that his wife was involved in an extramarital affair during their marriage.

As reported earlier this week, Eric Richins' wife, Kouri Richins was arrested on Monday for allegedly poisoning him at their home on Willow Court in Kamas in March 2022. Kouri, who wrote a book on grieving the loss of a loved one following Eric's death, called 911 to report her husband "cold to the touch" on March 4, 2022.

She told the officials that she had made her husband a Moscow Mule cocktail in the bedroom of their home before finding him unresponsive hours later. A medical examiner later found Eric died from a fentanyl overdose and had five
times the lethal dosage of the drug in his system.

Eric Had Suspicions Kouri was Having an Extramarital Affair

Kouri and Eric Richins
Kouri and Eric Richins (left) and Kouri pictured alone. Twitter

According to the family's attorney, Greg Skordas, Eric had suspicions that his wife, Kouri Richins, 33, was cheating on him before she allegedly poisoned him with a fentanyl-laced drink in March 2022.

"He'd had concerns previously, and he also had reason to believe she was having a relationship and that was continuing through their marriage ... apparently in person," Skordas told Fox News Digital.

Eric Changed Insurance Beneficiary, Will After Falling 'Violently Ill' on Two Separate Occasions with Kouri

Eric and Kouri took a trip to Greece a few years ago, and Eric became "became violently ill" after his wife served him a drink, an arrest affidavit said. The victim survived that particular incident and told his sister about it.

Two months before his death, the suspect allegedly logged into Eric's life insurance policy and changed the beneficiary from his business partner to herself. She also changed the business partner's policy, removing Eric Richins as beneficiary and changing it to herself.

Kouri and Eric Richins
Kouri and Eric Richins with one of their children. Twitter

The insurance company reversed the changes after contacting the two men and inquiring about the switch. Then, two weeks before Eric's death, on Valentine's Day 2022, Kouri Richins made him a sandwich, that again, left him violently ill.

"After one bite, Eric broke into hives and couldn't breathe," an arrest affidavit read. He used his son's EpiPen and Benadryl "before passing out for several hours."

Eric told his business partner about the sandwich incident afterward. Eric then changed his life insurance policy and named his sister as beneficiary, and removed the suspect from his will, with an estate estimated at around $3.6 million.

An arrest affidavit indicated that Eric did not tell his wife about the will and policy changes.

Eric 'Feared for His Life,' Tolf Family If Anything Happened to Him, Kouri Would be Responsible

Skordas said Eric lived in fear for his safety and told family members that if anything happened to him, Kouri Richards is to blame. "He had told some members of the family that he thought she was trying to hurt him, and said at one point, 'If something happens to me, check out Kouri. I think she's trying to kill me,'" Skordas said.

He reportedly stayed in the marriage as long as he did because he wanted to be there for his children. "He lived for those boys," Skordas told The New York Post. "I believe he would have stayed in a less than desirable relationship if it meant he could do right by them."

Are You With Me?
The cover of the book "Are You With Me?" Twitter

Following Eric's death, the suspect self-published a book the day after his death, entitled, "Are You With Me?" The book is about families dealing with a sudden loss of a father and husband and how children can learn to cope.

Kouri has been charged with Eric's murder and drug possession after buying fentanyl from an acquaintance, which was allegedly used to kill him.