Korea's First Offline Concert Turns Into Chaos, K-Pop Frantic Fans Run Toward Stage, Cars Damaged

The Korea Music Drive-in Festival 2020 turned into a complete chaos as fans broke the rules and barged into the venue, bringing the show to a temporary halt

South Korea is known for holding Kpop concerts throughout the year. But this time due to pandemic restrictions, all festivals are being held online. However, the organizers decided to hold Korean Music Drive-in Festival allowing people to watch the concert from their cars. But the event turned into a total chaos as fans broke rules and jumped inside the venue to get near the stage.

The two-day Korean Music Drive-in festivals [KMDF 2020] that started on October 31 became a nightmare as organizers struggled to control the fans. Fans waiting to watch Kpop stars performing live since one year were ecstatic with the news of holding KMDF as a drive-in show was announced.

NCT performing at the Korean Music Drive-in Festival 2020. Twitter screengrab

Security Chasing Fans, Cars Damaged

Fans lined up in their cars at the venue in Incheon. But as the concert began, they started jumping out of their vehicles and running toward the stage creating chaos at the venue. They started recording the concert standing in front of the stage.

The venue turned into hide-and-seek ground where security persons tried to chase fans away from the venue and fans were trying to get away from them. The chaos was such that for a short time the program had to be halted. The event started again after the fans were sent back to their cars and security was tightened to make sure people did not cross the boundary line.

It was also reported that some cars were damaged while fans were trying to break into the venue. The pictures and videos of the chaos at the venue in Incheon were shared by netizens on social media. However, for the international audience, Overlook-Events streamed the show in many locations outside of Korea.

The Line-Up

More than 30 artistes performed on the first day of the two-day concert. The line-up on October 31 included Global phenomenon boy group ATEEZ, NCT U - first sub-unit of NCT, boys from ASTRO, AB6IX, winners of Road To Kingdom - The Boyz, groups from Woollim, Golden Child and Lovelyz, Rocket Punch, newly debuted group DRIPPIN, Pentagon, (G)I-DLE and CLC, the six-member girl group Momoland, CIX that just made a comeback on October 27 performed on Saturday. In addition, audience also got to listen to the beautiful vocals of Kim Jaehwan.

On November 1, hip hop trio DJ DOC, queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young, singer Jongyup, The One, Park Kiyoung and Park Jaejung will perform. The second day line-up also includes trot singers Hong Jinyoung, Jin Sung, Kim Soo Chan, Park Seo Jin and Kim Na Hee.