Korean YouTuber Literally Gets Smacked by Cheese on Mukbang Show, Video Goes Viral

Mukbang is one of the most popular shows in Korea and here is why the special eatery shows go viral

A video of a Korean Mukbang YouTuber is going viral as he gets smacked by cheese. The video shared by host Sung Ji Hoon on his YouTube channel Tasty Hoon has garnered 1,090,081 views in just one day. The Cheese Fondue Chicken ASMR Mukbang is going viral on social media.

Sung Ji Hoon, popular for his Mukbang or eatery shows, has got a large amount of cheese along with varieties of fried chicken on the show. But his excitement turned into horror when the Fondue machine started behaving oddly, literally smacking the cheese almost on the host's face.

Sung Ji Hoon Mukbang
Mukbang show host Sung Ji Hoon. YouTube screengrab

Video shows Ji Hoon religiously pouring the cheese inside the fondue fountain and gets the shock of his life as he switches the machine on. The cheese starts revolving, almost smacking the host's face and spilling across the table.

What Happened to the Cheese?

Ji Hoon cannot help but cry at the loss of cheese he was all set to dip chicken fry with. However, he doesn't get disheartened, instead picks up the cheese strewn on the table, smears it on chicken and enjoys the chicken fry as audience can hear him crunching the piece of the meat.

The video has received over 6,000 comments on YouTube. "I haven't slept. I am crying and my chest is spasming from trying not to laugh. And now I'm hungry. Thank you for your service, sir," said one of the comments. "I can't breathe," said one more comment. Comments like, "This might be the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life," "Cheesus Christ," "I loved the fact that he didn't give up," were posted replying to the video.

Watch the video here:

Ji Hoon's channel Tasty Hoon has 155,000 subscribers. He is one of the popular Mukbang show hosts. If you are wondering what Mukbang is, here are details of one of the most popular shows in Korea.

What is Mukbang?

Mukbang is a binge-eating show that is mostly live-streamed. Most of the time it shows host eating a large portion of crunchy, spicy or sweet dishes without speaking. The sound of crunchiness of the fried items, slurping the juice or sauces is description of the food in itself. Their expressions speak. But recently there have been shows where the host cooks in front of the camera and then eats it.

This show is popular in the western countries too. So, they try to pronounce it is muck-bang going by the spelling. But it is pronounced in Korean language as mook-bong or moak-bahng. This show became popular after it was live streamed in Afreeca TV. Comments were left on the video in real time.

People commenting even asked the host to eat the particular dish of the day with the sauce or cheese of their liking. Currently, Mukbang shows are not limited to Aftreeca TV but are quite popular on YouTube too. The only difference is on YouTube, the video is recorded and uploaded and not live streamed.