German Shepherd 'Cries' as he Eats Chili; Dog Owners Forcing Pets to Earn Money in China

The viewers called for a ban on the use of the pets for gaining click rates and appealed to all the users to report on such kind of clips

A pet dog was forced to eat a pot of chili chicken during a live-streamed video as a part of a shocking binge-eating trend online. The trend that has begun after the crackdown of China's 'cinbo' or 'mukbang' bloggers, who earned money through sharing clips of eating huge quantities of food on social media platforms.

While the government blocked all content from the live-streaming sites like Douyin, which is a Chinese version of TikTok, the pet owners in the East Asian country have taken advantage and started to do it on their own dogs.

New Trend in China

German Shepard
German shepherd Pixabay

In one video, the dog owner feeds his German shepherd a bowl that is full of Sichuan chili chicken, which gives a tingling and numbing sensation. The man can be heard saying, "Alright, let's give our handsome Shuaishuai a taste of Chongqing. This is a dish of chili chicken."

The dog appears to be crying as tears were coming down the corner of the eyes as he chows down on the spicy dish. "He is enjoying it," the man can be heard stating. Another clip captured a husky getting forced to eat a bag of popping candy while his owner held onto his nose.

Othe dog owners also claimed that to set a challenge for their pooches and one filmed a corgi and a golden retriever drinking eight different types of pet milk at one time. The video ended with the corgi lying on his back in discomfort.

Dog owners have been facing the wrath of people for abusing their pets after the unsettling clips became the latest trend on the social media platforms in China. The viewers called for a ban on the use of the pets for gaining click rates and appealed to the users to report on such kind of videos. One of the concerned pet lovers stated, "The dog is clearly not enjoying it, stop it right now!". Another person wrote, "He can't take it anymore, it's too spicy for a dog. This is too cruel to watch."