Korean stars who enlisted in 2017 [PHOTOS]

Many celebrities even consider the army service as a platform to restructure their lifestyle. Here we bring you the list of celebrities who took up the mandatory military service in 2017.

Yet another year is passing by and fans have already bid adieu to a bunch of 'Oppas.' In Korea, two year of military service is mandatory for every male citizen since the country is technically at war with its North counterpart round the year. For celebrities, enlistment is considered as a much-needed break from shutters and flashes as they have been working non-stop over the years. Many celebrities even consider the army service as a platform to restructure their lifestyle. Here we bring you the list of celebrities who took up the mandatory military service in 2017.

Ji Chang Wook

Enlistment Date: August 14

Last Project: Suspicious Partner

On Military: "I know it is kind of late for me to begin mandatory military service, but I will do my best there no matter what," he said, expressing his honest thoughts about the nearing future. I don't know how my days in the military will be because I've never done it. I'm worried, but excited at the same time.

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Lee Min Ho

Enlistment Date: May 12

Last Project: The Legend of the Blue Sea

On Military: "I thought I would be totally cool with it and I thought it would be nothing. But I do feel a bit sad, too. It's not about the fact that I have to enlist that makes me sad, but the fact that I'm at the end of my 20s."Having a routine is going to be a great challenge for me in itself."

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Joo Won

Enlistment Date: May 16

Last Project: My Sassy Girl

On Military: " I feel strange. I feel better than what I anticipated. I also feel calm and comfortable. I love my fans. Please stay healthy and don't worry about me."

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Kim Soo Hyun

Enlistment Date: September 23

Last Project: Real

On Military: "Hello, this is Kim Soo Hyun. I wanted to briefly greet everyone before I enlist. I want to express my gratitude to those who have always supported me. I will return in good health. I hope everyone stays healthy."

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Enlistment Date: September 4

Last Project: Save Me

On Military: In July, Taecyeon expressed his desire to enlist in the army this year. "I really want to go (to the military) this year. I will if the Military Manpower Administration summons me," he said.

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Taecyeon (left) salutes with Jun.K Instagram

Kang Ha Neul

Enlistment Date: September 11

Last Project: Forgotten

On Military: "I think this Instagram post will be the last one that I post in my 20s. Because I don't post a lot.. and when I come back I'll be in my 30s. I'm fully aware that 30 is not that old, but I'm trying to give a little meaning to this being the last post of my 20s. A new environment, new people, new energy. I'm looking forward to it all, and I think it will be fun. I'll spend a happy two years full of laughter, and I'll be back."

In the Kpop world:

Lee Joon gifted his fans with a farewell track ahead of his enlistment in October

MYNAME member Insoo shared his military haircut picture with fans.

King Loves star Im Siwan too had a silent enlistment this year.

Other Kpop stars who enlisted in the military this year include Im Seulong, MADTOWN's Buffy, Lee Chan Hyuk of Akdong Musician, 2PM's Jun K and Kwanghee. And of course, the most controversial enlistment was that of Big Bang's T.O.P, who was caught smoking marijuana weeks after he started training. He was soon suspended from service but was later assigned as a public service worker. Meanwhile, actor Seo In Guk was suspended from training after he was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans, a kind of joint disorder. The news created quite a stir among his fans and some even accused him of using his medical condition for exemption. Recently, actor Yoo Ah In was under the radar for a similar situation.


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