2PM member Taecyeon surprises fans by enlisting in the military

Taecyeon entered on the day of 2PM's ninth anniversary since debuting on September 4, 2008.

Taecyeon (left) salutes with Jun.K Instagram

Fans of Korean boy band 2PM were shocked when it was announced on September 4 that Taecyeon had enlisted in the military. Taecyeon entered on the day of 2PM's ninth anniversary since debuting on September 4, 2008. His enlistment was kept in secret and only family and 2PM members were there to send him off.

"Ok Taecyeon enlisted as an active-duty soldier through a boot camp in the Army's 9th Division located in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province," said JYP Entertainment, according to Yonhap News.

The statement was issued after Taecyeon already entered the training camp at about 2PM and the agency apologized for not informing the media about the time and place of his enlistment.

Taecyeon had long wished to serve in the Korean military. In order to do this, he gave up his US Green Card. He was born in Korea but moved to the US when he was a child.

He was initially categorized by the Korean authorities to serve as a public service worker but he wanted to be in active duty. He underwent surgery for a disc problem and qualified to serve as an active duty soldier after reexamination.

In July, Taecyeon expressed his desire to enlist in the army this year. "I really want to go (to the military) this year. I will if the Military Manpower Administration summons me," he said during a press conference for the TV series "Save Me."

The night before he entered the army, Taecyeon met with fellow 2PM members Nichkhun, Jun.K., Junho, Wooyoung and Chansung for a live online broadcast on V Live to celebrate their ninth anniversary.

After the drama ended, Taecyeon said, "I completed the remaining 2PM schedule." He was wearing a cap to conceal his military haircut. It started airing on August 5 and is Taecyeon's last project prior to his enlistment.