K-pop star Kang Daniel set to return in SBS's 'Running Man'; gears up for CYAN release

Reports claim that the singer has completed shooting for an episode of Running Man that is likely to be aired on March 22

K-pop idol Kang Daniel is likely to return to the reality show Running Man. Reports claim that he is going to appear as a guest. The episode is scheduled to air on March 22. Daniel made his entry into Running Man for the first time in 2017. He had attended the show as a member of Wanna One project group.

The k-pop star is currently busy with the release of his new album CYAN. This will be his first mini-album and will be released to the public on March 24 at 6 pm (KST). Recently, giving details about his current project, Daniel updated his Instagram account with a photo of a mic and then a video of him practising. Daniel was seen practising with single 'Antisocial" of Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott. The caption of the video states: "Let's play again next time."

Hello Daniel

Wanna One's Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel twitter.com/realdefdaniik

Later, he also posted the schedules of his album release. He started working for the album on December. Daniel's agency confirmed the news of him taking part in a new reality show Hello Daniel. The first episode premiered on March 4. In the second episode that was aired on March 11, Daniel shared details about his travels in Portland. He was also seen trying his luck at leatherworking. He even took a class of goat yoga. In fact, the singer said that he continues to practice this during exercise and also as a therapy.

This was the first time Daniel had encountered a goat. The video shows how Daniel sat in a shed along with goats and while munching on seeds and hay, goats were also seen nibbling on Daniel's fingers and some even tried to eat up his sweater. He was seen trying hard to communicate to goats and convince them that they can't eat his sweater.

Contract row

Kang ended his activities with Wanna One and moved to LM Entertainment agency on January 31, 2019. However, this was a short stint as the singer alleged that the agency has signed joint business contracts and had sold exclusive contracts rights of Kang's songs to third parties without his consent.

The issue was taken to court and on March 10, Seoul court ruled in favour of Daniel and said that the contract with LM Entertainment to be annulled. Later Daniel formed his own agency Konnect Entertainment on June 10.