Korean Actor Jang Dong Ju Heroically Chases and Catches Culprit in Hit-And-Run Case

South Korean actor Jang Dong Ju has revealed that he recently witnessed a hit-and-run incident and went out of the way to help the victim catch the culprit. Jang Dong Ju posted a video of a dashcam from his car that showed the actor chasing a hit-and-run driver who was attempting to flee from the scene while the police arrive.

In his Instagram post, actor Dong Ju said that he saw a foreign car hit a motorcycle and just run away. However, he recognized the motorcycle as it happened to be one from the Chinese restaurants that he often goes to. He then followed the culprit and asked him to stop. He politely told him to go back and solve the accident because the motorcycle is from a Chinese restaurant that he knows very well. The culprit then agreed but as Dong Ju reversed his car, the culprit ran away again.

Jang Dong Ju chased him across Dosan Intersection again and made the culprit stop his car. After the man stepped out of his car, he smelled strongly of alcohol. The actor then questioned the man how he could just leave like that, but all that the man did was that he offered the actor his business card and tried to settle the situation by giving him money, as revealed by the Instagram post, according to Soompi.

Jang Dong Ju
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As the culprit tried to get rid of the situation by bribing him, the actor felt humiliated. "I worked out pretty hard for the shoot that I had to go to soon, but did my sweat-soaked self look that poor? Did I look like I needed money? Why did you ask me about my job? You're the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of an entertainment agency. What kind of mindset do you have that makes you think it's okay to reach a settlement with me instead of the Chinese restaurant? How much money do you have?" the actor further wrote on his Instagram account.

Dong Ju, 26, who is best known for his role in the television series "Loss Time Life" further said, "I'm sorry. Honestly, it's a bit tight to make ends meet, but I don't need that kind of money. I am very offended about your shameless attitude and the way that you crossed your arms and said that the reason I chased you was to extort money."

The actor kept telling the culprit to go back and fix the accident, however, the man kept pushing him to accept the money and come to an agreement with him. "I said that I didn't need the settlement money, so you said that we should do it according to the law, and that's why I did it that way," the Honest Candidate actor said.

You could have just ended it as a hit-and-run, but because of the police's sobriety test, you became a drunk hit-and-run driver. It's unfortunate. I didn't know you were drunk. Meanwhile, Dong Ju has already filed a report at the police station and he's ready to cooperate with the investigation, according to the Korean actor's Instagram post. "Thank you for your business card. I can tell you put a lot of money into it," the actor wrote to the culprit.