The Kissing Booth 2: Netflix's handsome hunk Marco aka Taylor Zakhar Perez wants to date Joey King

Even though his personal life is still bit of a mystery to his fans, Taylor Zakhar Perez has expressed his admiration for his co-star.

Taylor Zakhar Perez, who plays the role of Marco in the newly released Netflix film 'The Kissing Booth 2,' has taken the internet by storm with his charming personality and hot looks. Teenage fans across the world seem to be in awe with the hunk's persona and acting skills.

People can't stop raving about this heartthrob who seems to have ensnared the fans of Jacob Elordi also. The latter plays Noah in the recently released The Kissing Booth 2, directed by Vince Marcello.

Taylor Zakhar Perez's Career and Lifestyle

The handsome hunk's exact age is yet to be revealed. However, fans are guessing that the actor could be in his mid-20s. He has grabbed the attention of millions of fans on social media after the release of The Kissing Booth 2 and the number of followers on his social media accounts has increased exponentially overnight.

Marco aka Taylor Zakhar Perez wants to date Joey King
Marco aka Taylor Zakhar Perez wants to date Joey King?

Perez was earlier seen on the television show 'Embeds' alongside other popular actors such as Andre Kinney, Max Ehrich, and Kelsey Chow. Not much has been revealed about the actor's personal life yet. However, his Instagram page confirms that he was quite popular even before he starred in The Kissing Booth 2, which features Joey King as the female protagonist.

Earlier, in an interview, Perez opened up a little about his life away from the camera. He revealed that he is not dating anyone currently. However, when questioned about his opinion on dating a fan, the young actor said that he would love to date his co-star Joey King. The Netflix newbie further expressed that for him, "sexual intimacy isn't more important than emotional intimacy."

Well, this statement has definitely raised some eyebrows. Perez reportedly expressed his feelings about his work and bonding with his co-stars in the film. He recently shared a few pictures featuring his co-stars, friends, and others on social media that has left his fans wanting more.

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