Two episodes of Lee Min Ho's much-awaited The King: Eternal Monarch has received tremendous response and fans can't wait for the next episode to be aired this week. Here are the spoilers from episode 3 that will air on April 24.

Kim Go Eun who plays detective Jung Tae Eul has been harsh towards Lee Min Ho playing Emperor Lee Gon in the two episodes of SBS drama. But the scene changes and both go on a romantic date in the next episode.

Second episode ended with Emperor Lee Gon proposing Jung Tae Eul

The King Eternal Monarch

The second episode ended with Emperor Lee Gon proposing Jung Tae Eul, shocking as well as annoying her. Though Jung Tae Eul has no belief in the parallel world claimed by Lee Gon, her looks constantly state she somehow wants to believe him. Lee Gon not even asking her to date but suddenly spoke of his decision to make her his queen leaving Tae Eul dumbfounded.

The recently released images of the third episode show Jung Tae Eul going on a date with Lee Gon where she mixes soju with beer which is called so-maek or the Korean cocktail. When Jung Tae Eul is busy making the cocktail, Lee Gon can't stop looking at her and is not able to take his eyes off her throughout the date.

How much is Lee Gon ready to compromise for Jung Tae Eul?

Kim Go Eun

But will Lee Gon try the drink made by Jung Tae Eul, who was earlier weary of eating the chicken ordered by her, without anyone tasting and declaring it safe for eating. How much is Lee Gon ready to compromise for Jung Tae Eul, and if this will make her thoughts about Lee Gon, is the main crux of episode 3.

In the real-life too Lee Min Ho is known as a light drinker, and reports claim that he burst into laughter looking at how serious Kim Go Eun was while making the cocktail. In the teaser of the third episode that was released earlier gives a hint for Lee Gon's meeting with his uncle, who allegedly had killed him in the parallel world.

The teaser also shows that Lee Gon is likely to face side effects of entering into the parallel world as his childhood injury brings him to encounter troubled moments. Jung Tae Eul's response to Lee Gon's proposal, the plight of the parallel world and the effects of entering the parallel world will be the main crux of episode 3.