The King: Eternal Monarch fans speculate about Crown Prince Lee Gon's Saviour; is it Jung Tae Eul?

Emperor Lee Gon believes that Detective Jung Tae Eul helped him 15 years ago and some of 'The King: Eternal Monarch' fans think that he is wrong

After watching the first two episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch, fans are now busy speculating about the saviour of Crown Prince Lee Gon. The viewers have come up with several interesting fan theories about the person who brought back the 13-year-old boy to life. While some of the series' followers believe that Emperor Lee Gon himself saved his life, a few others think that his counterpart from the Republic of Korea helped him.

The opening scene of this historical fantasy thriller was a crime scene that showed Prime Minister Lee Lim killing the King of Kingdom of Corea. Lee Jung Jin's character was also seen attacking Crown Prince Lee Gon and the little boy was helped by a masked person, who had the identity card of detective Jung Tae Eul.

Though Emperor Lee Gon believes that Kim Go Eun's character helped him 15 years ago, the followers of this SBS drama think that he is wrong. Some of the viewers also came up with evidence to prove their claims.

Emperor Lee Gon is the saviour

A follower of this SBS drama speculated that Emperor Lee Gon himself saved his life. "Guys, I have a theory to share. What if the savior that saved Lee Gon, was actually Lee Gon himself from 2019? It's so possible to happen after Lee Gon said the badge's issued date is November 11, 2019. He has been waiting for that day to come #TheKingEternalMonarch."

The King: Eternal Monarch

Agreeing with the fan theory, another viewer tweeted, "I agree with the theory some other fans have been suggesting about little Lee Gon's masked saviour being older Lee Gon himself. The height, built and the eyes of the person really reminds me of Lee Min Ho."

Did Lee Ji Hun help Crown Prince Lee Gon?

But a few of The King: Eternal Monarch fans, like a Twitter user monikered as iconickdrama, disagree with this theory. "I just realized that future Lee Gon can't be the person who saved him in 1994. If Lee Gon is not alive in 1994 then he won't be alive in the future too. Alt. theory is Lee Gon's counterpart in republic is the one who saved him," the person tweeted.

Many of the viewers of this SBS drama agreed with this theory that Emperor Lee Gon's counterpart from the Republic of Korea, Lee Ji Hun, helped the Crown Prince 15 years ago.

A series' follower speculated, "I can't fully trust anything that Lee Lim says. Woman gesturing not ok. We didn't actually see little Ji Hun's body like we did his father's. So it's possible that Lee Gon's other self is still alive & in hiding. And the writer is just waiting for the right time to reveal it."

Countering the theory, a Twitter user wrote, "So Lee Gon's counterpart in the parallel world, Lee Ji Hun, is actually dead? There goes the theory of him being the savior".

Did someone use time traveller to help Lee Gon?

The King: Eternal Monarch
Stills from the first episode of The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

Meanwhile, a follower of The King: Eternal Monarch noticed that Emperor Lee Gon is holding a very different ID card of detective Jung Tae Eul. "Just thought of a possible reason why JTE's ID photo is different than the ID that Lee Gon owns. I think she'll lose the ID she currently has and get a new one issued in November 11," the person tweeted.

And, another Twitter user thinks that someone used the time traveller to help little Lee Gon. "I just finished watching the second episode and realized that time travelling is part of the concept of the drama. Lee Gon got Tae Eul's 2019 issued ID card in 1994. So, someone definitely time travelled. And, the question is who saved and time travelled?" the person tweeted.