The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6 recap; episode 7 spoilers and live stream details

Emperor Lee Gon finally came to know a shocking truth about his uncle Lee Lim's death from Prince Lee Jong In in The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6. Now, the King knows that his life is in danger and he will have to protect his loved ones from the evil character. Episode 7 of this fantasy thriller will focus on it.

The seventh episode of this mini-series will also feature the first meeting between Jo Young from the Kingdom of Korea and Jo Eun Sup from the Republic of Korea. Woo Do Hwan's character from Lee Gon's world will not be happy to meet his doppelganger from the parallel universe. It will be really interesting to see the interaction between these two look alike characters with different attitudes.

A quick recap of episode 6

The sixth episode of this mini-series focussed on the budding romance between Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul. The episode began with a flashback scene of Secretary Kim informing Prime Minister Koo Seo Ryeong about the King's landing in Seoul to pickup someone special. Since Jung Eun Chae's character was prepared for the worst, she was not surprised to see a pretty lady with Lee Gon.

For a couple of hours, the thoughts about Jung Tae Eul occupied the mind of Koo Seo Ryeong and she tried to collect all possible details about the detective. But soon, a provoking move from Japanese ships captured all her attention. She called an emergency meeting of National Security Forces and asked them to prepare for a war. Lee Gon was also informed about the situation and he decided to lead the battle. So, he helped the detective to back to her own world because he didn't want her to stay all alone in the palace.

The fantasy thriller then focussed on the war scenes and the detective's return to Republic of Korea. While the Emperor was busy in his world, the detective was also busy investigating a mysterious murder case in her world. Towards the end of the episode, Prince Lee Jung In shared the real autopsy report of Lee Lim with the King and informed him that the real traitor is still alive. Immediately after hearing that he rushed to Jung Tae Eul because he was worried about her.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 7 spoilers and live stream details

SBS fantasy thriller will be half way through this week and the viewers can look forward to some intense scenes between Emperor Lee Gon and his uncle Lee Lim in episode 7. The evil character has been keeping an eye on his nephew for quite sometime and he may hurt the people who are very close to the King in both the worlds.

SBS will air the seventh episode on Friday, May 8, at 10pm KST and it will follow Jo Young as she explores the Republic of Korea with Emperor Lee Gon. Tune in to SBS tonight to watch the new episode of the mini-series or stream it on the official website of SBS. Non-Korean speaking population can watch the new episode with subtitles on Netflix.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6
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