The King: Eternal Monarch episode 3 live stream details: Trouble ahead for Emperor Lee Gon

Detective Jung Tae Eul is likely to get involved in a heated argument with Emperor Lee Gon in episode 3 of SBS fantasy thriller, The King: Eternal Monarch.

The King: Eternal Monarch is returning with a new episode on SBS this Friday, April 24, at 10pm KST. Episode 3 could focus on the aftermath of Emperor Lee Gon's entry into the parallel world while featuring his relationship with detective Jung Tae Eul. The third episode might also feature a reunion between Lee Lim and his nephew.

People in South Korea can watch the fantasy thriller on their TV at home by tuning in to SBS tonight at 10pm KST. They can also watch the mini-series on the official website of SBS. Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the US, the UK, India, China, Singapore, Italy, Denmark and Canada, will have watch the show on various streaming sites with subtitles.

What to expect in the third episode

The fantasy thriller will continue to follow Emperor Lee Gon and detective Kim Go Eun in episode 3. The episode is likely to pick up right from where the show left off in episode 2 and it could feature an unpleasant conversation between the Detective and the Emperor.

The promo for this week shows Lee Min Ho's character telling Jung Tae Eul that he has been desperately waiting to meet her for the last 25 years and she asks him to be quiet. Then, the clip shows Emperor Lee Gon playfully threatening the detective by saying that he can behead her for cutting him off and she replies, "I can't take it anymore".

The King: Eternal Monarch
A still from SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

The 30-second-long promotional video also teases multiple meetings between the onscreen couple in episode 3 while hinting at troubled moments for the King of Kingdom of Corea. It shows the character getting some kind of abnormal signals in his body, which makes him realise that he can stop time and it could be a side effect of crossing the gate.

The bromance between Woo Do Hwan and Lee Min Ho

Viewers of The King: Eternal Monarch may not get to watch much of a bromance between Emperor Lee Gon and his bodyguard Jo Young. The teaser video for this week shows Woo Do Hwan's character getting worried about the King while Lee Min Ho's character enjoys his time with the detective.

It remains to be seen if the Emperor will go back to his own world after realising that it will not be easy to stay back in the Republic of Korea without a good friend and some money. When the mini-series concluded its second episode, the King was left with no money and there was no one to help him out.

The King: Eternal Monarch
Lee Min Ho as Emperor Lee Gon in the SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

An unpleasant meeting between Lee Lim and Lee Gon

In the premiere episode, it was revealed that the male antagonist was desperately waiting for his nephew to cross the gate between the two parallel worlds. Lee Lim may get to know about his nephew's arrival in the Republic of Korea through some kind of a signal and he may come up with a plan to get rid of Lee Gon.