The King: Eternal Monarch air date, spoilers: 5 things to know about Lee Min Ho starrer SBS drama

From a complicated love triangle to a special bond between two friends, here are the five things to know about Lee Min Ho's comeback drama The King: Eternal Monarch.

Lee Min Ho is getting ready to hit the small screens of South Korea with a new drama, titled The King: Eternal Monarch. The historical fantasy thriller is just a month away from its premiere and SBS has increased the curiosity of Korean drama (K-Drama) lovers around the globe by revealing some new details about the show.

The broadcasting channel recently released the photos and character details of each of the cast members in the upcoming mini-series. The star-studded casting includes Lee Min Ho as Emperor Lee Gon, Kim Go Eun as detective Jung Tae Eul, Woo Do Hwan as Jo Eun Seob and Jo Young, Kim Kyung Nam as detective Kang Shin Jae and Jung Eun Chae as Gu Seo Ryung.

What is the role of Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch?

In the upcoming SBS drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea star will portray a third generation emperor of Korea. The character is described as a perfect ruler, who is very calm and has good looks. Though the people thinks that Lee Gon is a sophisticated person, he is a very sensitive, quiet and compulsive person.

In the mini-series, Lee Min Ho's character thinks that palace is the only safe place for him to stay on earth. Still, he tries to escape from the palace at times because he knows that his father was killed by a group of people in the palace. During one of his attempts to escape from the palace, he meets detective Jung Tae Eul.

Lee Min Ho Facebook live chat
South Korean actor Lee Min-ho attends a news conference after a fan meeting event in Hong Kong Reuters

Who is detective Jung Tae Eul?

She is a very brave detective, who grew-up with a dream of becoming a successful police officer. During her six years of journey with the crime world, she caught many people who committed crime intentionally. However, her life takes an unexpected turn after she meets Emperor Lee Gon.

Though she is a detective in modern Korea, she was a criminal in the parallel world. Her name was Luna and she was known for theft, document forgery as well as breaking and entering houses.It is also worth noting that the Emperor identified her as a person who was inside the palace when his father got killed.

What are the other things to look forward in The King: Eternal Monarch?

Kim Go Eun
Kim Go Eun will share screen space with Lee Min Ho in new Kdrama. Instagram/Kim Go Eun

The historical fantasy thriller is likely to feature a love triangle between Emperor Lee Gon, detective Jung Tae Eul and Prime Minister Gu Seo Ryung. A character description for Jung Eun Chae's character says that she starts developing feeling for Lee Min Ho's character at some point in the story. And, the character takes a dangerous path when she finds out that the Emperor likes someone else.

The Korean drama lovers can also look forward to a special bond between the Emperor and his bodyguard, Jo Young, in the upcoming SBS drama. The characters grow up like good friends or siblings and they continue to help each other in both the worlds.

The King: Eternal Monarch is written by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and it is slated to premiere in April on SBS.