Kim Yohan and Seo Joo Yeon to Play Lead Roles in Korean Remake of 'A Love So Beautiful'

The Korean remake of Chinese drama 'A Love So beautiful' will not be aired on television but on Kakao's digital platforms.

Chinese hit drama "A Love So Beautiful" is all set to be remade in the Korean language. The production has finalized the cast of the Korean drama that starred Hu Yitian and Shen Yue as the protagonists in the Chinese drama.

The Korean remake will star WEi's Kim Yohan, Seo Joo Yeon and Yeo Hoe Hyun in the roles. The drama is being remade by Kakao M. It is a romantic comedy drama depicting the life of a girl who has had a crush on her neighbor for 17 years. The high school drama directed by Yang Long was a huge hit in China.

Kim Yohan, Seo Joo Yeon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun
WEi‘s Kim Yohan, Seo Joo Yeon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun will play the lead roles in the Korean remake of Chinese drama "A Love So Beautiful" Instagram

Watch it on Kakao's New Digital Platform

According to Kakao, the Korean remake of "A Love So Beautiful," will not be aired on television but will be available on digital platforms. The drama is being designed for best use on mobile phone viewing platforms.

As the drama is not going to be aired on TV, the remake will have 24 episodes of 20 minutes each. According to current information, it will be released on KakaoTalk's new video platform. The drama is expected to be out on the digital platform by December 2020.

In the Korean series, Kim Yohan will be seen as a 17-year-old genius student of Cheonji High School. Though he is cold towards others and is not interested in girls in the school, he has a secret huge fan following, especially girls.

A Love So Beautiful
Poster of the Chinese drama A Love So Beautiful starring Hu Yitian and Shen Yue. Instagram

Seo Joo Yeon will portray 17-year-old-girl Kim Yohan's classmate and neighbor, who is outspoken at the same time clumsy unlike Yohan. She constantly confesses her feelings for Yohan only to be neglected by him every time. But only she knows how subtly he expresses his feelings and warmth towards her.

Another major character is Yeo Hoe Hyun, who will play the role of Woo Dae Sung, who not only befriends Seo Joo Yeon but falls in love with her. An ace swimmer, he transfers to Cheonji High School but has difficulty expressing his feelings for Seo Joo Yeon. So, he silently stays by her and protects her. Other details about this new Korean drama are awaited.