Kim Tae Hyun: South Korea Reveals Face and Identity of Dreaded Stalker-Killer

25-year-old Kim Tae Hyun was arrested for brutally killing the girl he stalked, her mother and young sister in Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a meeting and decided to reveal the face and identity of a suspect of three brutal murders in northwetsern Seoul. The man has been identified as 24-year-old as Kim Tae Hyun, who had allegedly stalked one of the murder victims.

The incident occurred on March 23 and Kim Tae Hyun was arrested on April 4. The victims are said to be a mother and her two adult daughters [victims' identities have not been revealed]. The decision to reveal his identity including his face, name and age was taken following the findings of a meeting held by a committee of three internal officials and four outsourced experts.

Kim Tae Hyun
Kim Tae Hyun has been arrested on charges of stalking and killing three women in Seoul, South Korea. Chosun/Reuters

The committee found that the man had meticulously premeditated the crime and admitted to killings. The committee also found strong evidence against him. Henceforth, he will not be allowed to cover his face when he appears in public or when he is covered by the media during trials.

Three Brutal Murders

It is said that he had stalked one of the victims for months before he killed her. On March 23, he is said to have entered her house in the guise of a delivery man. At that time the woman's younger sister was at home. He forced himself inside and killed her, while waiting for the return of her elder sister, whom he had stalked. Later, the girl's mother is said to have returned home. He killed her too and waited for the girl to return. Then, after an hour the girl too returned home and became his third victim.

The police said that he had come prepared with necessary tools to kill the girl. Reports claim that he first met the girl while playing an online game. He started approaching her, but she refused his advances. He then is said to have started stalking her while requesting her to accept him. She had rejected him multiple times. But he continued to stalk her and on March 23, killed her along with her mother and younger sister.

Police said that after committing the crime, he spent at least two days inside the house. He is said to have eaten food, drank alcohol with corpses lying beside him. Though cops did not elaborate, they said that he did engage in bizarre activities until his arrest. When police found him, they noticed several self-inflicted injury marks on his neck, arms and stomach.

Cops have clarified that he did not suffer from any mental illness but said that he had past crime record. He is said to have told the cops that he committed the crime as the girl had refused to meet him.

The court on April 4 observed that there was a risk of him feeling or destroying evidence, and issued an arrest warrant against Kim Tae Hyun. He is currently being questioned at the Nowon Police Station in Seoul and is said to have admitted to murder charges.