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Kim Kardashian is having a hard time moving on from her terrifying Paris robbery Reuters

Kim Kardashian has still not moved on from her terrifying Paris robbery. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is on the verge of a breakdown after she revealed details of her robbery on her show.

In 2016, the reality star was assaulted and robbed in her Paris hotel room. She was held at gunpoint as the robbers stole an estimated $10 million of jewellery.

A source told Radar Online: "Kim is trying the best she can to work through this and yes, she has increased her therapy sessions. She is having a really hard time sleeping this past week and her family told her that she needs to chill on doing anything that would cause her to have another breakdown!"

"It is like Kim is reliving the entire situation over again and this has been causing a lot of drama between her and Kanye because Kanye just does not want to talk about this anymore," the insider added.

The source continued: "Kim seems incredibly stressed out right now because it seemed like she was just starting to get through all of this in her head and now it looks like she is emotionally stuck right back in the middle of it all!"