Strong Woman Do Bong Soon breaks record: Show achieves highest ratings for a JTBC drama

The eighth episode of the JTBC drama achieved 9.6 percent ratings, beating the 9.2 percent ratings of JTBC's own drama 'Childless Comfort.'

Park Bo-young
Actor Park Bo-young in a scene from JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the drama starring Park Bo-young, who is a young woman with superhuman strength has finally broken JTBC's all-time high ratings record.

As noted by website Soompi, the eighth episode of the JTBC drama, which aired on March 18, garnered an impressive 9.603 percent in nationwide ratings, as per AGB Nielsen Korea. The drama thus sets a new all-time high record for JTBC, beating the network's own previously held record of 9.2 percent by the 2012 drama 'Childless Comfort.'

The latest ratings for the JTBC drama is also a 2.8 percent improvement over the previous episode's 6.8 percent nationwide rating, which had fell in ratings from the 8.7 percent ratings of the sixth episode of the drama.

Soompi correctly notes that given the increasing popularity and positive reception of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, it might as well surpass the network's highest ratings of 12 percent for JTBC Newsroom.

The stars of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon recently spoke about the 8.7 percent ratings peak for the sixth episode. "At a company dinner, we talked about the estimations for ratings with the cast and the crew, so I said 3 percent. But after the first episode aired, I checked the ratings and my eyes shot open. When I got on set, everyone was happy. We reminded ourselves not to get carried away and to continue working hard," Park Hyung-sik said, as noted by Soompi.

"Everyone has been feeling good on set and we've been filming well. We will work hard in the future as well," said Park Bo-young.

Ji Soo had then added, "Lately I've been enjoying filming and learning a lot. It's an honor to be able to work with a great production team and experienced actors."

The actors also fulfilled a promise they made to viewers. On March 14, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon stars Park Hyung-sik and J Soo held a free hug event and then fulfilled a promise they made for the drama's viewers, if their drama reached 3 percent ratings, which it did. They randomly chose viewers who returned home alone late in the night and escorted them home safely. The fan-centric event took place on White Day and the two actors also had a good chat with the students, especially about their talents and about their dream jobs.

Episode 9 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will air in March 24 on JTBC network.

This article was first published on March 19, 2017