Kim Jong Un's Secret Love Affair, North Korean Dictator Spotted with Pop Star Turned Politician Hyon Song-wol in Recent Pictures

Hyon Song-wol was observed among Kim's entourage, busy on her phone while aides took notes.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been seen alongside his alleged romantic partner, a former pop star who traded her music career for politics. Hyon Song-wol left her position in North Korea's popular girl group, the Moranbong Band, to work closely with Kim Jong Un.

Spotted recently in Pyongyang, Hyon Song-wol was observed among Kim's entourage, busy on her phone while aides took notes.

A retired intelligence official, Choe Su-yong, has disclosed more about Kim Jong Un's rumored affair with the singer. Choe claims that Kim has a child named Kim Il-bong with Hyon Song-wol, in addition to his legitimate child with wife Ri Sol-ju.

Kim Jon Ung's GF

Choe emphasized that while Kim Jong Un's official son with Ri Sol-ju exists, he appears delicate, contrasting with the robustness of the alleged love child, Kim Il-bong.

According to Choe, Kim Jong Un and Hyon Song-wol met during their time in Switzerland, where she served as a caregiver to him. Their relationship blossomed upon returning to North Korea, despite disapproval from Kim Jong Un's father, the late Kim Jong-il.

After Kim Jong-il's passing, the couple reportedly resumed their relationship. In November 2022, Kim Jong Un's daughter with Ri Sol Ju made her first public appearance at a missile launch site.

The revelations from Choe Su-yong shed further light on the personal life of North Korea's secretive leader, revealing complexities and rumored affairs often hidden from public view.

These insights into Kim Jong Un's romantic entanglements add a layer of intrigue to his otherwise tightly controlled public image. Despite his high-profile position, details about his personal life remain largely shrouded in secrecy, making any glimpse into his relationships and family dynamics particularly noteworthy.

Choe's claims also raise questions about the stability and dynamics within North Korea's ruling elite, suggesting tensions and power struggles even within the confines of the country's most powerful family.

As speculation continues to swirl around Kim Jong Un's personal life, observers are left to ponder the implications of these revelations on North Korea's future leadership and political landscape.

This article was first published on April 13, 2024