Kim Jong Un Starts War Against 'Teen Sex', Parents and Teachers of Erring Teens to be Punished

Terming sexual activities among teenagers as treason, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un launched a war against teen sex, by threatening teachers and parents of the violating teenagers with harsh punishments. The hermit kingdom is also planning to make a law against sexual relationships between teenagers.

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The latest diktat of the tyrant came after a local youth group, Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League in Sinuiju [a city on the border with China], found some high school boys and girls hang out with local gangsters, live together and commit immoral acts such as prostitution, during an inspection of the high schools, reported Radio Free Asia .

Nation-wide Crackdown

The North Korean authorities have launched a nation-wide crackdown on sexual activities of the teenagers to preserve the conservative foundation of the hermit kingdom. Quoting a source from North Pyongan province, RFA reported: "Recently more and more high school boys and girls are engaging in immoral sexual deviance, and the Central Committee [of the Korean Workers' Party] has issued a directive calling for strong measures against them."

"The latest declaration by the authorities declaring immoral sexual activity among teenagers a treasonous act and authorities issuing a warning of strong punishment, has left the student shaking with fear," added the source.

Red Flag to Track Sexual Activities in Teenagers

The publication further reported that North Korea intends to track the 'immoral activities' through an app called Red Flag installed in the smartphones of the teenagers. The app, which keeps a running log of webpages visited by the users, takes random screenshots of online activity through a secondary app, Trace Viewer. The users cannot delete the screenshots which can be examined by the authorities.

"They ordered [schools] to check students for phones or other devices they might have with them. The Central Committee pointed out that the reason why [sexual promiscuity] is so common in students these days is because they are imbued with decadent capitalist culture, due to the increase in electronic media, including mobile phones," the source told the outlet.

Monthly meetings between school authorities and Youth League members

Reportedly, as per the new orders, a monthly meeting between school principals, party secretaries, and senior members of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League would be held to discuss students' unhealthy sexual behaviors.

"Teachers are anxious because of the warning that school principals, advisors to the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League and the Korean Children's Union, and school teachers, will also be punished if there is a serious sexual violation among students," added the source.

It was believed that the closure of schools in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown led to an increase in the 'promiscuous activities' among teenage students.

Sex Education in North Korea

According to an article published in NK News, in 2013, sex education was neither part of the school curriculum nor it was talked about much in open'.

Quoting the write-up author by Ji Min Kang, Heavy wrote: "For North Koreans, everything to do with sex is filthy and embarrassing and you are supposed to hide it. Boys therefore cannot understand the biological changes in their bodies and are not aware of why they start having desires for girls. Nor are girls informed about the changes in their bodies, except from their mothers."

"Whenever one of my friends had a wet dream, everyone gathered to console him over his 'unknown disease.' I didn't know where a baby came from until I had turned 13," Kang was quoted by the publication.

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