Kim Jong-un celebrates his birthday today: Five interesting facts at glance

North Korean Supreme Leader has few friends

north korea leader kim jong-un

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un is celebrating his birthday today. Even though more details regarding the celebrations remain opaque, the dictator will be surely enjoying the moments with grandeur. On his birthday, here are some facts about Kim Jong-un.

The mystery regarding his age

Even though his date of birth falls on January 8, the year in which he was born still remains a mystery. There is immense speculation over the year he was born in and many believe that he might have born either in 1983 or 1984. At his young age, he has emerged as an unquestionable name in world politics, and each of his moves is closely watched by nation heads all over the globe.

A basketball lover but poor in studies

Kim Jong-un started his schooling in Switzerland at the International School of Berne. During his school days, he was very weak in academics, and he never passed in any examination. After his poor performance, his father swiftly took him out of the expensive International School. He was later admitted to a state school but was quickly put in a lower grade.

During the days of his schooling, his identity was kept under the wraps due to security reasons. When he was introduced to the class by the headmistress after his admission in the state school, she introduced him to his classmates as the son of a Korean diplomat. Kim's name was Un Pak in the school.

During his young days in Switzerland, Kim Jong-un became obsessed with basketball, and even now, he is a hardcore basketball fan.

Kim's addiction to Swiss Cheese

Kim Jong-un is an ardent lover of Swiss Cheese, and many people believe that it is the reason behind his chubby face. The North Korean supreme leader used to eat a large amount of Swiss Cheese daily, and it has resulted in his bulged body and lumbering walk. Even now, large amounts of Swiss Cheese is being imported into North Korea for him.

However, many people claim that Kim is intentionally increasing his weight to make himself look like his grandfather.

Fond of killing family members

Kim Jong-un is a master in silencing his critics, and he will not bother to care even if the critics are his family members. According to reports, Kim Jong-un has ordered to execute his uncle Jang Song-thaek. Many sources claim that Jang's body was fed to a wild pack of dogs, while some others believe that he was killed by a firing squad.

When Kim's aunty protested the execution, she was also silenced soon. As per reports, she was poisoned by Kim's aides. Last year, Kim's half-brother Kim Jong-nam was murdered in Malaysian airport, and people believe that it was a well-planned execution organized by the Supreme Leader.

Kim Jong-un's girlfriends

Kim Jong-un was in love with singer Hyon Song-Wyol. But soon, the couple broke, and in no time, several reports surfaced stating that Kim Jong-un had ordered the execution of his ex-lover. But later, she appeared on the state television in 2016, bringing an end to the murder rumors. Kim is now married to Ri Sol-Ju, a former cheerleader. As per reports, both Kim and Ri were childhood sweethearts.