World War 3 fear escalates: North Korea may sell nuclear weapons to anyone

north korea
Kim Jong Un posing next to the new Hwasong-15 missile. KCNA/Reuters

John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations warned the country that North Korea led by their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un may sell its nuclear weapon technology to anyone willing to pay money.

Will North Korea sell nuclear arms for money?

The serious warning from the former US ambassador has triggered World War 3 fear among the general public, and many people believe that a dreaded war is imminent. Bolton also urged the US Government to take action against the nuclear weapon program of North Korea, and if not, many more countries will attain nuclear capabilities in the near future.

"The north is never going to give up its nuclear weapons voluntarily, we've seen that over 25 years," told Bolton to Fox News.

He also said that pressure tactics are not working either with North Korea nor with China, and it is compelling the US to embrace some pretty unattractive options.

According to John Bolton, a nuclear North Korea is a real threat to countries like the United States, South Korea, and Japan, and Pyong Yang's nukes will emerge as a global threat if they sell the technology to others who aim to achieve nuclear arms for hard currency.

Bolton also added that the United States is running out of time, as North Korea is continuously building dangerous weapons which can hit the US mainland.

Bolton even praised Donald Trump and stated that his pressure tactics have succeeded in making the dictator of the rogue nation nervous.

Where will world countries stand when World War 3 breaks out?

According to experts, if a World War gets triggered now, it will kill a majority of the world's population, as many countries now have nuclear weapons in their arsenal. In a recent talk with the Fox News, East Asia expert Gordon Chang said that the stand of Russia and China will be quite crucial when a war breaks out between the United States and North Korea.

According to Chang, if the United States is the first to send a missile against Pyongyang, then China, Russia and Iran will join hands with Kim Jong-un to fight against Washington.

"I'm not saying it's going to happen but I'm saying that's a possibility," told Chang to Fox News.

In the meantime, Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked the military to be prepared for a war which may break out at any moment indicating the apprehensions behind world leaders on both sides.