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KFC has planned to treat its customers with a special new product that will make your eyes go wide. After conquering the world with its variety of crispy fried chicken, the international food chain is now looking to expand its business into the market of cosmetic products.

Brand new bath bombs have been launched by the chicken brand, which will possess the distinct aroma of its special spice mix. The limited edition product will be available only in Japan and will be awarded to 100 lucky winners.

The bath product is shaped like a chicken drumstick and promises to create an 'explosion' in your bathtub. It has been made as a tribute to the world-famous brand of chicken that millions swear by. And yes, it will make you smell like your favourite treat.

Village Vanguard, a novelty retailer, has worked in collaboration with KFC to manufacture this unique product. However, it will not be available to people outside Japan.

People have had mixed reactions to the announcement of this product. Some have marvelled at the combination, while some have dismissed it as ridiculous. It seems that the only way to decide the worth of this invention is to get your hands on it.

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