Woman walks around in office nude to boost morale of co-workers

A woman paraded around her office completely naked, in a bid to give her colleagues motivation to improve their performance.

Picture for representation Pixabay

Would you think of boosting your co-workers' morale by going to office without clothes? Don't be surprised, because that is exactly what happened in a call centre in Warsaw, Poland.

A woman paraded around her office completely naked, in a bid to give her colleagues motivation to improve their performance. She was wearing nothing but boots and sunglasses when she walked around in clear view of everyone on the work floor. She even displayed her private parts for the camera before getting dressed and returning to her desk, reports Metro.

It is believed that her boss was the mastermind behind this stunt, which has shocked and angered many. He allegedly paid her to put up a performance for her co-workers.

The footage of this incident has emerged online, after which netizens expressed their disgust on the woman and her actions. People have called her "filthy", "sad" and "pathetic". On the other hand, a few of the viewers spoke up for her, lauding her boldness and freedom of expression, said the report.

The woman reportedly quit her job soon after the video became viral online and she was criticised and condemned publicly. Future plans for her career are not known yet.

It is unclear whether such tactics can actually help viewers perform better at their job, although it is guaranteed to jolt them from their mundane daily schedule.

If you want to boost the performance of your colleagues but are too shy to attempt or even think about doing something like this, here are five other things you can try:

  • Try giving them small compliments, like "I love how you tackled this problem" or "The idea you gave in the meeting is brilliant."
  • Smile when you meet them in the corridors or an elevator. Ask polite questions like, "How is everything at home?" or "Doing well, I hope?"
  • Share lunches and snacks. Eating together strengthens the bond between people. It will instill in your co-workers a team spirit and they will feel motivated to work harder for the company.
  • Give individual attention. Make sure you address each person by their name and know something about them.
  • If performances are your thing, you can try impromptu jams or flash mobs. That will give an incredible energy to your co-workers and keep their interest alive in the office. However, make sure they don't clash with important work.
This article was first published on November 2, 2017